Monday, 22 February 2010

What Stalkers Want to Stop

Medawar would like his readers to see the sort of work that "Gangstalking-Australia" is being stopped from producing anymore, by stalkers. Their reasons are unknown and quite possibly incomprehensible anyway. What matters is that all stalker inflict similar destruction: the victim is very often someone of an artistic temperament, but it can be a journalist, community leader or an engineer, too. And in every case, the stalking is notable for two things: the human misery that it inflicts, and the work that it prevents from being done.

Stalking is never, ever, noted for the good that it does. Stalkers have no virtue to their name, they are marked only by the voids they create in human culture, achievement and aspiration. They deserve only eternal oblivion.


Grace said...

Thank you for educating about gang stalking. Possibly that term will be seen as more credible than child-into-adult exploitation. My blog describing how these stalkers move about (changing license plates while stalking that are listed as lost or stolen) and even having one vehicle stop only to have another one pick up a block away makes it even more impossible for authorities to believe. It sounds like a paranoid person.

Also, of all my blogs, the one with their secrets somehow keeps disappearing.

As I'm writing I can't remember which blog but lists all blogs with a brief description.

Where is one of those investigative shows when you need one?

Medawar said...

An awful lot of stalking victims in Canada and the USA are middle-aged artistic ladies, like the lady who created the above picture.

Medawar knows of at least one (now deceased) in south west Hertfordshire, too.

There are paedophile elements, but the real offence that triggers stalking, seems to be the creation of anything beautiful or meaningful, despite or even out of, whatever evil has been done.