Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Transport Infrastructure

Very nicely restored railway signal box, a little way inland from Felixstowe.


Anonymous said...

What has an attack on a dentist to do with SHAC?

Absolutely nothing!!

Phillip Beaven

Medawar said...

Dear Mr Beaven.

The attack on a dentist has everything to do with SHAC, if Swedish SHAC activists, attempting to attack a research company director, obtain the address of a dentist with a similar name and launch themselves into battle without further ado.

This attack may have been the last straw as far as the Swedish government's tolerance of SHAC's website was concerned.

It's a bit like trying to expose a randomly-selected stained glass artist from Ipswich as "Medawar" in the hope that, even if it's the wrong person, the right person will feel bad about the wrong person being attacked in their place. This is the principle of SHAC's tertiary targeting and it's the main reason why SHAC is loathed even by other animal rights activists.

And it's no use wailing that you've been set up when something you do turns out to have earned the world's contempt: such as the pathetic claim that the police robbed the grave of Glady's Hammond to discredit the movement. You are part of a stalking gang and that's despicable, and it's no use using the odd fluffy bunny to pretend that stalking is a noble cause.

Anonymous said...

It is difficult to know with SHAC if it is simple incompentence as so many on SHACWATCH think or something more sinister. The Swedish dentist that SHAC ended up protesting was probably a case of simple stupidity by the person doing the research (same family name, listed in a medical dictionary etc) but the instances where SHAC has chosen a target to protest that is allegedly a supplier to HLS are more complex. An element of 'protest for hire' seems likely with the competition paying for a sustained attack on the company in question.

Medawar said...

It isn't only "The Competition".

Medawar knows of a Canadian businessman who pays for all sorts of people to be stalked, for reasons that may seem compelling to him. And he has done this since the early seventies. For legal reasons, and because a friend is under severe threat, Medawar has been asked not to name him, but if he's ever arrested, that situation may change.

If the friend is killed, Medawar will name away: you can count on this!

Meanwhile, Medawar is interested in reports of organized stalking relating to "Lapland" that is, the Saami-homelands in Northern Norway, Finland and Sweden, whether it's to do with AR or not. If Medawar can relate what's being done to leaders of the Saami community, with what happens to leading native Americans, then he may understand why it is being commissioned to occur. Medawar already has a fair idea who, but motives are obscure and yet must be known before anything EFFECTIVE can be done to help those being stalked.

Ziggy said...
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Medawar said...
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Medawar said...

The profile "ziggy" isn't readable and is not the one which mr Lee Ziggy Norton has used to post, less rude, comments to Medawar's other blog. Readers can draw their own conclusions.

Medawar is doing what he can to tell the world that Lee Ziggy Norton is not him, and is merely the innocent victim of a deranged cyber stalker.