Saturday, 18 March 2017

Worrying Case of Cyber Stalking

This is a link to a BBC article about an instance of cyberstalking, where the perp sent a writer with epilepsy an animated tweet with flashing lights in it, causing the writer to have a seizure.

Friday, 17 March 2017

"Domestic Terrorism" in Central Texas

This is a link to a post by a blogger living in Fredericksburg, Central Texas (something of a stalking hotspot, to put it mildly.) Her daughter was subjected to severe harassment and intimidation and an attempt was made to run her off an Interstate slip-road by two SUVs. 

Thus far, local law enforcement has not responded, at all, to the complaint.

The young lady's definition of this form of organised stalking as "domestic terrorism" may seem extreme, but the definition of "terrorist" is one who uses or threatens violence for political ends, and what happened is well within that definition. The "political end" in this instance appears to be absolute control of development and zoning policy in the Fredericksburg area, by a group of medical professionals acting as property developers. They also have links to cross border drugs gangs and appear to be active in diverting prescription opiates to the recreational drugs market. The property development does seem inseparable from the drugs, and may represent large scale money laundering.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Tony Blair: The Worst Choice That Trump Could Possibly Make

 Image copyright (c) AP

According to the Mail on Sunday, Tony Blair has attended a secret meeting at the White House as part of a determined drive, employing numerous contacts, to persuade President Trump to make him America's Peace Envoy in the Middle East. He was previously the UN's Peace Envoy in the Middle East, where he accomplished nothing except a certain amount of shameless self-enrichment: luxury suites at the King David Hotel; that sort of thing.

President Trump believes, passionately, in nation states negotiating the best deal for themselves and each other, and he is bitterly opposed to anti-democratic multi-national economic or political structures. Blair STILL sees himself as the anointed leader of a European superstate, and is part of a campaign to sabotage Brexit (Trump has made much of supporting Brexit), to which end he is working with Nick Clegg and Lord Mandelson, neither of whom believes in the sort of values that Trump's supporters do. They are natural, albeit unreliable, allies of Hillary Clinton.

Apart from posing as a "Peace Envoy" Blair has spent most of his time since he gave up on holding elected office, as a glorified PR consultant to some of the world's most notorious dictators, regimes and businessmen, which has also been Lord Mandelson's chosen line of work. They will always be found to be pursuing the same sort of goals by the same sort of means. Both of them have amassed large (and secret) fortunes in a short period of years by putting a positive spin on dictatorship and torture for their brutal clients. They have also forged friendships with some of the most ruthless mass killers on the planet.

No matter which period of Blair's life you chose to examine: schooldays; his time as a lawyer; the struggle to rise up through the Labour Party ranks to the post of leader; his time in Downing Street; his time as PR consultant to the world's genocidal maniacs -there will always be at least one former close acquaintance willing to describe Blair as a pathological liar. Blair was known at school (Fettes College) as "Milly Liar" and those who knew him well back then don't appear to see any change in him as he is today.

Well, what happens if Blair is allowed to use a "Peace Envoy" post as a springboard to the European President job that he actually wants?

With Blair, the truth will be the first casualty.

In Europe, individual freedoms and civil rights will be extinguished in favour of a twisted concept of "human rights" which denies people the right to express their own opinions or even defend themselves or their beliefs against attack. 

In the world as a whole, the Superstate of Europe will manipulate and machinate relentlessly until it controls all international discourse, and effectively "leads" and then "controls" the world.

With Blair, the truth will be the first casualty; truth tellers the second.

Update 07/03/2017: Blair now claims that although the meetings took place, "he wasn't seeking a job, just offering advice." Assuming that this claim is true, and with Blair you cannot be certain of that, the idea of Blair "back seat driving" US policy on the Middle East is not a reassuring one.

Update 11/03/2017: UK readers might be interested in a parliamentary petition to stop Tony Blair getting ANY money from public funds.

Update 12/03/2017: Blair was (typically) lying when he claimed that he wasn't touting for a job when he attended a three hour meeting in the White House. He was touting for a job. He did this behind the back of the UK government.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Proposed UK Official Secrets Legislation

New proposals for Official Secrets legislation in the UK not only make the law more severe, they seek to broaden the definition of "Official Secret" to include almost any information that might embarrass the government. It is no longer a question of information that might be useful to an enemy, but anything that might affect foreign policy, and so on.

The new laws will be more severe because the maximum penalty will be a fourteen year jail term, which is a far more severe sentence than has been passed in an official secrets case for many years, and because it is going to be an offence to have information, whereas at present the offence is to communicate or attempt/conspire to communicate such information.

This is being seen as primarily an attack on The Guardian newspaper, which often runs stories based on leaked Ministry of Defence information. But, in practice, and like David Cameron's Royal Charter making the fascist-owned "Impress" militia the official press regulator, it can be used against any newspaper doing what newspapers normally do, which is gather information. Impress is seen as an attack on the Daily Mail, this official secrets legislation is being seen as an attack on the Guardian, but in reality both are part of the same attack on press freedom in general. All journalists gather information, and they have no way of knowing till they have gathered it, whether it is sensitive or not. Under the new laws, they will already have committed an offence that will earn them fourteen years in jail! 

There is to be no public interest defence, so no matter how bad or even criminal the government conduct that is revealed by a leaked piece of information, possession of that piece of information will be a crime. It also means, for example, that anyone who has accessed Wikileaks online, or has kept a newspaper cutting about Wikileaks, could be prosecuted for possessing an Official Secret, whereas previously they would be committing a crime only if they communicated something hitherto unnoticed from Wikileaks (ie: not already in the public domain) that actually affected UK national security.

This is a major piece of legislation that was drafted before Theresa May became Prime Minister, and may be seen as part of David Cameron's petulant campaign against the press, which started in earnest when he failed to get Lord Rothermere to sack the editor of the Daily Mail, Paul Dacre, during the campaign for the Brexit referendum.

It should be obvious to everyone that it is futile and wrong to campaign to protect the freedom of the left wing press to the exclusion of freedom for the right wing press or vice versa. Freedom of the press has to be protected unconditionally.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Impress and the New Blackshirts

In a couple of weeks, with a Parliamentary recess for Christmas reducing the risk of awkward questions being asked, the Culture Secretary will decide whether or not to "activate" Section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act. Activation will mean that any newspaper that fails to sign up to the privately owned, state approved press regulator "Impress" will have to pay the legal costs of anyone who sues that newspaper for libel, even if the newspaper wins the libel case in court. In other words, the newspaper will automatically lose (in financial terms) every libel case, no matter how undeserving, that is bought against it.

The vast majority of British newspapers, national and local, want nothing to do with a state regulator. Impress isn't a body owned by the state, however: the state merely "approves" it. Impress is funded and thereby owned by the Formula One Tycoon Max Mosley, son of Oswald Mosley, the one time leader of the British Union of Fascists, who was imprisoned during World War Two for his Nazi sympathies. The then Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, was persuaded by cabinet colleagues not to have Mosley senior prosecuted for treason, which could (and arguably should) have led to his hanging. When the war ended, the freed Oswald Mosley went back to his Jew baiting habits and continued business as usual as leader of the BUF. As a young man, Max Mosley attended BUF rallies in Jewish areas of London and was arrested for assaulting people for being Jewish. Oswald Mosley was very wealthy and was able to pull strings to get Max released into his custody, avoiding prosecution and probable jail for assault and affray. Impress is a tool crafted by a man with a history of using his fists to express his (racist) opinions.

In a democracy, members of an official regulator are normally expected to be impartial, but Max Mosley's Impress is stuffed with people who openly express a hatred of the press in general or even specific newspapers, such as the Daily Mail. (Which coincidentally campaigned with some success to bring the racist killers of Stephen Lawrence to justice.) Oswald Mosley had the Blackshirts, Max Mosley has the code committee of Impress. These people are there to destroy newspapers, pure and simple. They are the now elderly Max Mosley's fists.

Some people will foolishly support Impress because they hate the Daily Mail (or the Telegraph, Sun etc.) and hope that Impress will destroy it. Impress will almost certainly oblige, given the chance, but it won't stop there. As a fascist, Mosley has as much reason to hate The Guardian as he does The Mail and The Guardian is probably more vulnerable financially than The Mail. Extreme left wing communitarian organisations such as Common Purpose will support Impress because there are parts of the socialist agenda which national socialists share. They do not share The Guardian's centre left agenda!

In particular it should be noted by all, that Section 40 is not designed to destroy only pro Brexit newspapers like the Daily Mail: it is designed to destroy newspapers in general, including pro Remain ones like The Guardian and The Financial Times.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

(British) Black Lives Matter

This post is solely about the British offshoot of Black Lives Matter, and no criticism of the original American movement is implied or intended.

It is apparent from the court appearances following the "Black Lives Matter" protest at London City Airport, that in Britain, Black Lives Matter is just the old Earth Liberation Front wearing blackface and its relevance to the rights and interests of black Britons, let alone black Americans, is nil. Just a gang of middle class white people trying to wrap the race issue around their longstanding extreme environmental agenda. Give them time and they will go back to their normal activities of digging up grannies and petrol bombing scientists.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Legal Stalking

The law firm "Public Interest Lawyers" is to close and more than a thousand complaints which it has filed against British soldiers and marines will be reviewed and probably thrown out. See link to Daily Mail article. For more than a decade PIL instigated witch hunts against servicemen (and it was mainly men) on the basis of what are now known to be flimsy or completely bogus cases of human rights violations. Far from PIL being the victim of an establishment plot, the Blair, Brown and Cameron governments were completely happy to hang ordinary soldiers out to dry and they helpfully established two new investigative bodies to process all the complaints which PIL generated. It was only when judges described evidence from some of PIL's Iraqi clients as "lies" (very strong language for judges) -and the Brexit issue coincidentally swept a lot of human dross out of positions of high office in the United Kingdom government, that PIL was finally held to account. 

Whilst the Daily Mail is to be congratulated for having campaigned against the witch hunts, and for years the response of the liberal establishment to the Mail's campaign was to fatuously heap praise and honours (honourary doctorates and "solicitor of the year") on PIL's senior partner, Phil Shiner, the suggestion by some Mail columnists that Mr Shiner now be prosecuted for treason is probably inappropriate. The false cases represent a serious crime, primarily against individual soldiers and marines and the principle of Justice rather than against the State and the most appropriate charge would, therefore, be one of "conduct tending to pervert the course of justice." If Mr Shiner is to face a court himself, then it is only right that he should do so for what he did to individuals with rights of their own. Which was to persecute them using the law as a weapon, often for years, and almost always with the acquiesence of the successive governments that were willing to send those same individuals into harm's way. (Initially they were sent into harm's way with inadequate equipment, too, because the Blair government forbade the army to make detailed preparations for war because Mr Blair didn't want it to look as if war with Iraq was a forgone conclusion.)

A treason charge would only be appropriate if there was evidence that Mr Shiner acted deliberately to harm Britain as a nation by setting the courts against her soldiers, and even then it would probably need to have been on behalf of a foreign power rather than as a sort of personal hobby horse. So far, there is no evidence of this, though investigations into Mr Shiner have only just begun. 

However, it is true that if an officer of the Russian FSB or SVR had concocted a plan that saw more than a thousand criminal cases being sought against frontline British service personnel, making it seem as if the British Army was somewhat worse than the SS -and had that officer managed to get the British taxpayer to completely fund his destablisation campaign, then that hypothetical officer would receive warm praise and prompt promotion.

Update: 5th of October 2016.
The government of Theresa May has indicated that it will close loopholes in the Human Rights Act which have left soldiers open to malicious prosecution on the flimsiest of grounds. Most European countries had implemented the same basic Human Rights Act without exposing their soldiers to malicious legal action, so it has to be concluded that the governments of Antony Charles Lynton Blair and David Cameron intended that British soldiers would be so exposed.

Both Blair and Cameron denuded the British armed forces of vital resources whilst finding a constant stream of controversial and unwinnable wars for them to fight, and the net result was quite debilitating. It is only possible to conclude that a weakening and discrediting of Britain's armed forces was their objective. "Why" is an open question, but it might have something to do with a europhile agenda too radical to be admitted to in public. The early signs are that Mrs May will have no truck with that sort of thing, but it will take a while for the new government to accept that defence has been deliberately underfunded by a significant extent since about 1992. The turnaround has to start somewhere, though, and hopefully this is it.

Update: 3rd of February 2017.
Phil Shiner has been convicted of several professional misconduct charges. There are now calls for him to be prosecuted for breaches of the criminal law that could see him jailed, but this would require a lot more legal work.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Update on Leighton Buzzard Slave Case

The Connors family from Leighton Buzzard, convicted a while ago of keeping vulnerable men in servitude as slaves, have been the subject of a court hearing under the Proceeds Of Crime Act. They must pay a total of £360,000 to the authorities or serve extra prison terms. It isn't clear if this sum fully reflects the gains which the Connors family made from keeping several slaves for many years, or not. But it is money the court thinks that they still have access to and can pay.

There are a couple more similar cases going through the courts at the moment, one of which involves someone from Luton (only about twenty minutes drive from Leighton Buzzard) allegedly being responsible for a number of slaves discovered in Southampton. The Home Office now estimates that there are about 6,000 persons being kept as slaves in the UK, which shows that much more effort is needed as well as new, tougher legislation which is in the works. This will bring in possible life sentences to avoid the absurdity of slave keepers getting a shorter sentence than their victims have been held in servitude for.

There will doubtless be more posts on this subject here.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Conspiracy in Mingo County Virginia

A corrupt group of officials, including a sheriff and county judge from Mingo county (West Virginia) have been jailed for various crimes, including conspiracy to deny a citizen his constitutional rights. This is the very law, USC 18 section 241, which Medawar identified as a useful anti-gangstalking law for dealing with powerful people subverting the law to enable corruption, which is what a lot of gangstalking amounts to. Although in the end, stalking usually acts as a substitute for murdering the victim, or a stepping stone to murdering the victim. All stalking should be treated as unrequited murder.

US citizens trying to get the FBI to deal with this kind of crime, now have a useful precedent and example of the FBI using the right law and getting the right result. They have jurisdiction and they have effective legislation. And no further excuses.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Crypto Graffiti? Promoted Comment

 The following was posted as a comment, but Medawar has promoted it to a post, in order to promote some discussion of the idea, its feasibility etc.

Medawar has no idea if what's proposed is feasible.
If it is, then it's like Iranian dissidents stamping the image of a murdered demonstrator on banknotes, and that was quite an effective form of peaceful protest!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "America's Forgotten Anti-Gangstalking Law: USC 18 ...":

People being gang stalked should look into encoding their stories on the Bitcoin block chain.

The block chain is essentially a ledger which is distributed amongst all computers running bitcoin wallet software. When a person installs and runs this software it immediately starts downloading this (huge) file on to their machine.

The blockchain is a ledger containing records for every bitcoin transaction that has ever taken place. Once the file has been downloaded, the file is updated automatically and by the nature of the bitcoin protocol is the SAME on all computers.

Ordinary ASCII messages can be encoded into the addresses of bitcoin transactions. Once these messages are sent via a transaction, they can not be removed or altered. They will remain on the bitcoin network long as bitcoin exists.

There is a website called CryptoGraffiti which further explains this and offers a service to place messages.

Anonymous messages could be placed...

Purchase a 30 Giga hash miner for around $200. Go to bitcoinAddressdotorg and download its bitcoin address generator html page on to a machine that is not connected to the internet. Use this to create a new bitcoin address (public and private key). Import these into a wallet app.

Use a service like Elegius to anonymously send mined coins to this address. Once you have enough coins to send one message... Currently 0.00005500 bitcoins or about 35 cents per 20 bytes, then you send that amount to the ascii encoded address.

You can use the cryptograffiti service to build a list of message encoded addresses then import these into your wallet app. Once you've sent coins to all the addresses in order, then your message is "out there" and will always be associated with the address you sent it from.

To read these messages, someone would have to convert the addresses from a block chain explorer site from hex back into ascii.

I'm betting that sites like CryptoGraffiti will become more popular over time and will incorporate features to search the block chain for messages the same way we use google to search the internet. Assuming of course that bitcoin does not go the way of the Dodo :)

Even if the messages cant be easily read now, it IS an almost guaranteed way of ensuring your story will be available and uncorrupted from now on.

Monday, 30 December 2013

Missing Z Cars

The "Z Cars Theme" post has been reverted to draft, pending the completion of the criminal investigation and legal proceedings. More will be said then.

Update as of 15/09/2016.
Greville Janner was too ill to be prosecuted and died before a trial of the facts could be held. It is apparent that there were several chances to prosecute him for child abuse years before, when he was perfectly fit to stand trial, but these were squandered and there is now an investigation into whether or not detectives involved committed crimes themselves by not investigating properly. It has to be said that there was huge lobbying from parliamentarians, prominently including the now disgraced Keith Vaz,  at the time to forestall any prosecution.

Because there is still a faint chance of policemen and prosecutors facing criminal charges, that's as much as Medawar can say for the time being.