Monday, 1 February 2010

Who Needs the Aegean?

Brilliant sunshine, lake a deep turquoise; all the characteristics of a nice winter holiday in Croatia. Except that this is East Anglia and the sparkling expanse is not exactly fluid...




Medawar lives on Wherstead Road (Anonymous) 4:48 AM

Hey Ho - do you think it's the full moon?

Medawar said...

The Full Moon was indeed last weekend. In some parts of the world, it was actually a Blue Moon, that is, the second full moon in a Calender month, leading some to suppose that a British Tennis Player might win, even in Australia.

For the record, Medawar does not live in Wherstead Road and the picture heading this post was not taken in Ipswich, whose sailing club is situated on the warm and muddy tidal waters of the river Orwell, which do not freeze over in such a photogenic fashion.

The man who does live there, and who has been named on Indymedia, appears to be a harmless, creative, eccentric, which cannot be said for the nutter harassing him in much the same manner as Josie Hitchens was hounded and vilified for "being Shacwatch" a few months ago.

The nutter also claims that relatively few people read this blog.

Medawar could correct that very easily, simply by writing only what people wanted to hear. However, if one goes down that road, a group of people can end up feeding and adopting each other's misconceptions, half truths, bigotries and hatreds, until all contact with the truth and civilized values are lost and you see a new thing on Earth: the self-righteous grave robbing arsonist, in both Staffordshire and Switzerland.

Given that Medawar's principal campaign is against stalking, whether it's gang-stalking or "organized stalking", proxy stalking (where one individual tells outright lies to a group to make them stalk his victim at one remove) conventional or "loner" stalking; the recent use of Indymedia to persecute a completely innocent man, chosen apparently at random from East Anglia's six and a half million citizens, is a text-book example of what Medawar stands against.

Meanwhile, there has been great but quiet interest in Medawar's remarks on Timothy Hampton and Frank Olson, so perhaps it's the quality of the followers that matters, rather than their number.

In any case, recent events have also proved that being listed as a follower here takes a modicum of nerve, especially if the follower's blogger profile is at all open. Half of them are surviving stalking of one kind or another all the time.

gangstalking-australia said...

What an incredibly well written reply, loved reading it.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Medawar said...

Medawar has tried reporting that blog to blogspot, and to the police. Blogspot's abuse reporting is a bit unhelpful.

There has been a discussion about the nutter doing this, on both Medawar's Cornflakes and Shacwatch, and most of his stuff has been barred from Indymedia, although some of the comments still appear. Will keep trying. There is a good theory as to who this is! And see all the dialogue about some AR people using the movement as cover for stalking, whether for money or for other reasons.

Medawar said...

You are brave, but it's necessary to remove the comment with you mbile number in it, for your own sake.

It is possible that this is all a person who actually wants to damage Mr Norton, for reasons that almost certainly are not to do with medawar, because Medawar has no connection to him whatsoever.

How the above picture was supposed to prove that Medawar was Mr Norton, only a psychiatrist can tell, but it's not in Ipswich, as I am sure you know.

Will keep your comment on file, and contact you if any progress is made in nailing this lie. But Indymedia have made only a partial job of shutting the luantic down: they cancelled the posts, but not the comments, and the blogspot calumany remains for the time being. Worryingly, it contains pictures of Mr Norton at work, which may have been taken covertly by the lunatic.