Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Fraud and Stalking

There seems to be a consensus, amongst animal rights activists in the UK, that most, if not all, of the stalking being done by persons associated with that particular cause, is actually being undertaken for money, or to silence/punish some activist who's got in the way of making money by this means, or out of personal spite by the same people who stalk for money. The Animal Protection Party and elements of "SHAC" being the main alleged culprits. Their clients may even be rival "animal abusing" businesses to those being targeted, or millionaires with their own deeply unsavoury personal obsessions, but all that matters is that they are willing to define a target and pay for his or her destruction.

It is very aptly described as "basement-level organised crime."

In other words, people being stalked by animal rights activists, are not necessarily even imagined to be animal abusers, although lies being integral to stalking, this assertion will inevitably be made: they have just been named by a client who wants them stalked for some criminal purpose.

Medawar wonders if this might apply in North America, too, and more especially in Australia and Germany, because in both countries, a famous international animal welfare charity (much given to threatening people to silence criticism) has been accused, by mainstream animal welfare groups and activists, of raising money under false pretences.

There is no-one on Earth more sadistic and relentless than a pathological liar whose lies have been exposed and rejected. Fraud, impure, dirty, nothing but greed, fraud for money, may actually be the underlying "cause" of many a "cause-stalker" or gang-stalker.

From stock adverts of post-earthquake donkeys (actually in Kobe, Japan, in the eighties not Chile, not Haiti, nor Italy,) dragged out to extract funds from a caring public the world over after every natural disaster, to the utterly sickening "SAGE" fraud run in the wake of the Dunblane Massacre, where a con-man from New Jersey, just released from Norwich jail, managed to persuade many of the bereaved parents to become patrons of his "Swiss-based anti-gun crusade", enriching him by at least £4M in the process, society's compassion has regularly been milked by those who have no compassion for anyone, or anything.

Pathological liars are sadists, and they are not compelled to tell outrageous lies, so much as to use emotional manipulation to force people to believe the irrational. (Such as an anti-gun campaign based in a country which makes gun ownership compulsory for adult male citizens!) The lies are mental sadism, but if they are resisted, physical sadism quickly follows, and will not stop until the perpetrators are incarcerated. Using toxic chemicals on people, to undermine both their physical and their mental health, is so sadistic that most policemen and doctors find it much more comfortable to believe that the victim is deluded; which in itself, worsens the victim's plight and is gleefully factored into the stalker's plans for their slow destruction.

Medawar would welcome comments (anonymous, for your own sake) from anyone who can cast light on the people doing this, in the UK, in North America, and, most particularly at the moment, in Australia.

Is the reason for some fairly middle of the road, worthy and utterly inoffensive, animal welfare workers in Australia being hounded by unknown stalkers, anything to do with their having made a justifiable fuss about a certain "charity's" fraud over the donkeys and the Kobe Earthquake in Japan?

This isn't the whole story about all organised stalking, but there is an emerging consensus that it IS the story where supposed animal rights activists are doing it. And it is interesting that Keith Mann gets named, by his fellow animal rights activists, in this connection, because his brother, Andrew, based in Northampton at the time, was , just a few years ago, jailed for a UK-wide government-funded training allowance fraud, where just about everyone in the UK animal rights movement was supposedly receiving "training" through his little scheme. Was this to fund the cause, or the Mann dynasty's lifestyle? Either way, fraud is fraud, is theft. Theft is even harder to justify in a political cause than violence.

PS: When the infamous Kobe donkey advert was run in Australia, not by the genuine Japanese charity that first created it, it raised roughly A$3M. The international animal welfare "charity" that re-ran the advert, without the Japanese charity's prior permission, donated about A$35,000 of this (less than 2%) to the genuine Japanese charity. Since when, the image has been used time and time again, all over the world. You do not save donkeys, or dolphins, by sending money to the box numbers on these adverts. The only charity that actually was helping earthquake-stricken donkeys shown in such adverts, was in Japan, and it never actually wanted to raise funds from outside Japan.


Anonymous said...

A great deal of the animal rights work in the UK is at present related to fund raising and a sudden focus on the individuals involved in that has led to harrasement and stalking as they try to protect that income. When the leaders of SHAC were sent to prison some individuals who were once middle ranking suddenly found themselves in positions where they had access to the substantial funds raised through street collections in the name of animal welfare. They are working very hard to protect this income and the lifestyle it affords them and as a consequence those true AR people who care about animals and not the money have been under attack for attempting to expose the scandal. Indymedia UK which in theory is an open reporting newswire for the activist community has a number of SHAC friendly editors as part of the organising collective running the site and they have worked hard to quickly remove any articles which make clear these incidents.
Articles critical of SHAC are dealt with by following an established pattern, the poster is labeled a "Troll", this is a catch all phrase that Indymedia editors use when they do not like what has been said, the poster is ridiculed and a number of regular posters write replies calling them liars. After about 24 hours the post is first hidden and then removed altogether from the Indymedia archive so it cannot be seen by anybody. If this action is commented on then the reponse is to refer to it as "disinformation". Evidence of "trolling" or "disninformation" is never given and communicaiton on the subject blocked.

When a lot of money is at stake people do bad things.

Medawar said...

Don't they just!

Anonymous said...

Indymedia are passing on the IP adresses apparently of people to Animal Protection Party SHAC/London Animal Rights. Posters that post things that these groups don't like are being handed up by IM.

Anonymous said...

The passing of IP details by Indymedia is now quite well known by Indy regulars. The official line had always been that IP logging was turned off however a couple of whistle blowers last year let slip that in fact the logging is routingly turned on and off when the mods want to see who has been posting. It was these records that an Indy mod passed to the police that were used in one of the SHAC trials to show a link between SHAC and the ALF (something that SHAC always denies). So worried were Indy mods that this info would become common knowledge they spent days going back through years of archived records removing all mention of it in Technical, Moderation and other lists as well as working documents.

Without doubt people who thought they were posting anonymously to the site have had their details harvested and passed to the police. Indy refuses to discuss this matter despite a large number of people questioning it and emailing the mods. Indeed the email system in Indy was changed so that emails to the public list are pre-moderated allowing them to delete any that mention the subject. Individuals now have no way of knowing if their details are still in the Indy system, if they have been passed to the police or when Indy turns the IP logging on. There are further concern late 2009 when it was further shown by an IT savvy former mod that the password protection that Indy uses for its servers is far from secure and that third parties (such as the police or security companies) have probably been able to access the records for some time.

Former Indy admin - no longer active said...

Re the IP logging and recording

The official statement is

"All the web servers that are used for the UK Indymedia web site are set up not to log IP adresss"

The reality is that IP logs are indeed kept and the log file is currently on the Traven server however it is protected by a password that only selected members of the kollective have access to. Each of these people has made a sworn statement that they will never hand over their password to the police or other agent of the state.

I do not think this is acceptable but then I am no longer allowed access to the system because I made the mistake of speaking out about this issue.

Anybody posting to Indymedia should regard their IP information as essentialy compromised because history has shown us that when faced with the sort of pressure that the State can inflict most individuals do indeed crack. This is the reality of the history of IP logging on Indymedia, people say they do not do it - they do. People say they will never hand over the logs - they do.

ex admin

Medawar said...

The state is not the only entity capable of exerting pressure, or offering inducements.

Since some in the movement are stalking others, there's a strong possibility that this will lead to something much worse than an arrest.

Medawar's Cornflakes uses Sitemeter, Medawar's Extremist Linkages does not, because that's where Medawar expected more frightening stuff to appear.

It's a tough call, because there have been explicit and implicit threats here, alright.