Friday, 16 November 2012

Common Purpose versus News International

The Daily Mail has published an in-depth report (the printed edition is several pages long) into the way that front organizations for a group called "Common Purpose" have been seeking, not just to impose statutory regulation on the Press in the UK, but also to ensure that their own people would be the regulators. They also created a "non-profit" organisation, the "Centre for Investigative Journalism" which they intend one day to be funded by a levy (tax) on newspapers. In effect, they are proposing that the State should conduct all necessary investigative journalism. Needless to say, the CIJ's first major outing, to produce a report under contract to the BBC's Newsnight programme, managed to create a completely false impression that a senior conservative politician, Lord McAlpine, was a paedophile. Not just libeling him, but also creating a smokescreen and a great deal of covering fire for some other political figures, against whom such an accusation would be a great deal more supportable.

The Daily Mail's report is here.

However good and thorough this report is, and the investigative parts of it are indeed good, the Mail insists in interpreting the assault by Common Purpose on News International, as if the accusations against News International and the rest of the Murdoch Empire were as spurious and unfounded as the smear against Lord McAlpine. Unfortunately, it isn't all unfounded, and indeed is sometimes an understatement of the truth. (Especially when News International has pulled a stunt which is too close to home for Common Purpose to be safely exposed...)

Medawar has published several articles about News International, and especially its Israeli sister company NDS, involving multi-billion pound fraud and possible murder. (Too many to link, just search this blog for NDS and it'll get you started.)

Other bloggers have documented, carefully and at great length, numerous links between the operations of News International, the murder of Daniel Morgan, intimidation and smearing of some senior officers who tried to investigate this, and repeated and outstandingly successful efforts to pervert the course of justice in this case. That in turn links to alleged corrupt activities by the former senior police officer, Ray Adams, which links in turn to the notorious gangster, bullion-thief, money-launderer and murderer, Kenneth Noye.

See the Brown Moses blog, here.
(You will need to go through the archives, because many articles are about Syria at the moment.)
And the "Daniel Morgan Murder" blog here.

Medawar does not write either of the two above blogs and does not know the people who do. (Some of the contributors to Brown Moses do seem to be closely connected to past investigations into the corruption surrounding the Daniel Morgan case, and have useful information.)

Furthermore, the Mail is a Johnny Come Lately with regard to investigating "Common Purpose" and here is a source of deeply-researched information, upon which the Mail seems to have drawn without acknowledgement.Common Purpose seeks a communitarian state, and seeks to bring this about by almost any means other than open statement of their aims and the democratic process, which makes them subversive in the strictest definition of the word. Here is Medawar's view of communitarianism, from 2009.

The best way to describe the battle between "Common Purpose" and all its spurious pressure groups, and News International, is not a battle between good and evil, but a battle between two competing evils with the same objective: control of all news investigated and reported in the United Kingdom and beyond. In one case by political scheming, rigged regulators, bogus pressure groups and Common Purpose members planted in official positions, in the other case by abuse of a multi-media monopoly, itself built often by illegal means, such as the hacking campaign to eliminate On Digital as a rival to News International's BSkyB broadcasting arm.

Not Michael and his angels fighting in the sky with Satan and his angels, but Al Capone taking on Bugs Malone in an underground garage.