Monday, 4 November 2013

David Cameron, Common Purpose and the Freedom of the Press

A few days after the "Royal Charter" on Press Regulation which the pressure group Hacked Off dictated to the all too willing leaders of the Conservative, Liberal Democratic and Labour Parties, was signed into law without any debate of substance or scrutiny in Parliament, David Cameron belatedly admitted that he has links to a Common Purpose front organization. There are lots of these, because Common Purpose doesn't want anyone to think it is trying to control all UK government policy, so it has an offshoot for each policy area.This link is to a description of the CP front organization "Media Standards Trust" behind the front organisation "Hacked off".

Common Purpose is a communitarian organization, and it is intrinsically anti-democratic.

The perverse way in which a Royal Charter has been used to deny, rather than grant, rights, for the very first time in history, typifies the way in which Common Purpose uses all three "main" political parties and a great many supposedly impartial civil servants, to create ways around every constitutional and legal safeguard that exists, in almost every area of public, and increasingly, private, life.

It doesn't help us if rights still exist, in theory, if there's always a convenient way to get around them.

Stop Press.
Since it became known that there was a financial link between David Cameron and Common Purpose, the website for "Stop Common Purpose" seems to have been down. Funny, that.

Update: Common Purpose back up, link above refreshed.
The petition for a public inquiry into Common Purpose failed, because it wasn't possible to get any newspapers to allow it even a sliver of publicity!