Monday, 31 July 2017

Update to Blog About Soviet (and US Criminal) Harassment Using Short Waves and Microwaves

The blog author of "Victims of Organized Crime In Central Texas", mentioned in the post on this blog "Bringing the Dirty Tricks Home From Moscow" has been diagnosed with and treated for Lymphoma as of earlier this year (2017). Exactly like the former US Ambassador to Moscow, Walter J. Stroessel Jr, mentioned in the post.

Update: 1st of August 2017 Since she posted an article (originally authored by Medawar) detailing one of the ways in which she and her daughter are being harassed, VOCCT has experienced an upsurge in stalking harassment of all kinds, including extremely aggressive driving on her way to work. This may be due to her footnote revealing that, following RF harassment in previous years, she has lymphoma.

Since the harassment won't let up, neither will the publicity for the misdeeds of the harassers.

Everyone who takes part in such harassment is committing a Federal Offence, see link.

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