Monday, 24 July 2017

Harassment Via WLAN/Wi-Fi

Who does it?
Nutters, extremists who disagree with your right to have opinions that differ from theirs, property developers who want to force you to sell your house at below the market price, nerds who just think doing this sort of thing is "cool."

What Happens?
Especially when you are trying to work on the computer rather than just use it recreationally, the internet connection becomes slow or even stops altogether. This always happens at the most frustrating times possible, and calls to the ISP, helplines etc. never resolve the problem. (Although this is achieved using the WLAN, it still slows the router itself down to a crawl, so will affect you even if using an ethernet cable connection to the router.)

How is it done?
Somebody has studied your habits at length and by various means, including monitoring activity on your WLAN, so they know when you are likely to be doing something vital to your work or living your life. This is the basic method behind all forms of stalking, and it is generally something which the stalker greatly enjoys doing. Sometimes there is no other motive than the fact that the stalker gets off on doing this sort of thing.

They fit a surplus desktop computer that has a WLAN card, with a "directional aerial" aka "high-gain antennae" (often looks like a black Pringles tube) and they position this somewhere with a line of sight to your house, and preferably to wherever your router is, within your house. Using "net-stumbler" and the high gain antennae can help them to establish exactly where all your wireless devices are, so aiming the thing directly at your router is no real problem.

They use a progamme (which they can write themselves or buy online and download for a few pounds, dollars or small fragments of a bitcoin) to repeatedly poll your router, through the WLAN network(s) (you may have more than one from the same router, they will poll them all) for access. They don't need to have the password: the router's MPU still has to pay the attempted poll attention to determine that the supplied password or key is bogus. That's the point: the MPU works in "timeslices", and every timeslice it devotes to an attempt to handshake with it over the WLAN, is a timeslice that it cannot use for communicating with your device over the same WLAN, or via the Ethernet. It can't use that stolen timeslice for transmitting and receiving data over the actual internet connection, either.

Since the stalker's computer does nothing else except repeatedly make failed handshakes with your router, the router's MPU ends up with few, if any, timeslices with which to process your legitimate activity and your connection stops working. 

Remember: a violent or hysterical reaction to this is one of the payoffs for the stalker, and he will have taken steps to mislead you, so that any violence by you is directed against an innocent party, and the stalker will be quick to call the police and spin them a tale, designed to get you arrested or shot. This leads into another form of stalking: "SWAT stalking" whereby repeated false emergency calls are made to get the victim arrested by armed police.

The stalker is probably breaking several laws: fitting a high-gain antennae to a source of radio interference is illegal in most jurisdictions, as is creating a public nuisance, and it is misuse of a computer and harassment.


Anonymous said...

One way to document this form of electronic harassment via wireless and organized gang stalking for those who are harassed this way is to document it for a civil lawsuit, or to begin to communicate about class action lawsuits.

Whereas once, we were thought to be under attack by "badguys" we know with certainty our own governments, via Fusion Center's" and the NSA/FBI/local law enforcement data theft pipeline are using us for target practice, HUMINT, and as pawns to drive globalist~local policy and agenda.

Here is a toolkit of free programs beyond Tor and Tails that anyone can use to document harassment from wireless devices and hidden operators around their homes, and on their routers:

1) use "Wireshark," which is a "packet analyzer." A PA wil tell you who comes in and out of your router, your computer, and your nearby wireless devices (smart TV, etc). It provides court room worthy evidence of internet stalking and router harassment.CommView for Wifi, and "Who's using my WiFi" are als useful, as is "Sam Spade"

2) Channelyzer and INNSIDer are both free programs you can install on your computer t "see" the hidden wireless networks around you, and monitor them over a period of days, weeks, months. This can provide you an accurate, court room worthy series of screen captures with which you can document the hidden networks around you . But there are many others too.
3)Any "screen capture" or "screen casting" software that you can use to take snapshots of your computer as it is being hacked, redirected or otherwise used as a "mirror."
4)Cell phone monitoring software/apps: there are so many that you should research it, but AimSicD and SnoopSnitch tell you if your phone is being monitored by 'outside' agents. And, with these apps, you can actually watch your cell phone tower drive around, lol. There are also many apps that you can use that are similar to Wireshark (they actually make a version for cell phones) but any phone user should study "root access" and get a jail-broke phone, because otherwise, the "goodguys" get inside using your own apps.

5)Then, anyone can buy an RF meter with a printout-why don't they? That's a good question. But Trimeters and more are available online to document electronic harassment.

But any and every person who reads this post would do well to research organized gang stalking- and learn to spot the disinformation and weed it out from the real information, which is the most important step to understanding this modern nightmare of privacy invasion and anti-Constitutional LEO's.


Medawar said...

Possible involvement by government actors has not stopped criminals from doing it on their own account or for profit! This is widespread, especially where the victim occupies property that a property developer wants.

Your technical suggestions about how to verify Wlan harassment and similar things are very welcome.

There also seem to be far more IMSI Catchers in operation than can be accounted for by any reasonable police or government use: this may be straightforward attempts at fraud involving trendy methods of electronic payment. Medawar won't be enabling his phone to make payments anytime soon!

Authoritarian governments tend to breed, rather than eradicate, crime.

MK Ultra Facts said...

Very brilliant, detailed blog. I hope you are getting some relief. Have you watched any of the Techno Crime Fighters Forum on Youtube? They have a lot of great information, especially regarding how to create an affidavit. It might be good to hire a private investigator as well if you haven't already.

Medawar said...

You need to check private investigators out before you hire one or give them any information about your case. PIs can be loyal to the highest bidder, and that's not always you. One lady who was being stalked, she thought by her ex-husband and his property developer cronies, hired a PI who told her to set up a trust so that her house and land couldn't be stolen by the ex. The trust document that the PI filed on her behalf, was not the one she'd signed, and it effectively turned ownership of the property over to the PI's name. The PI had been corrupted by the ex. Fortunately, (this sounds bad, but isn't) the PI died unexpectedly and his heirs had no interest in continuing the scam, so the lady was able to get the fraudulent trust voided by the county judge on the grounds that it "had no purpose" (lawyer speak for no PROPER purpose), but it was a close-run thing. Would have been difficult to void the trust if the PI had been alive and still asserting that the fraudulent document was valid, as she had no funds for a legal battle.