Saturday, 24 September 2011

Stalkers in Central Texas

The unlovely pair on the left are stalkers, active in Fredericksburg. Readers with names, addresses and other useful details about them are welcome to post anonymous comments here. Medawar would also be interested to hear victims of this pair other than the lady who took this phonetrait. It would be interesting to know how far out of Fredericksburg their writ (if they are literate) runs. It would be helpful if anyone suggesting names states red or blue so we know which is which.


Anonymous said...

I'm in Fort Lauderdale and I have been stalked for over 1.5 years back and forth from Denmark. The stalkers are Danish, working with US stalkers (local). They are watching as I write this. They reside on both sides of where I am currently living.
Soon to be over with. I have a strong case. I've been on it since close to the beginning. I have solid evidence (witnesses, videos, recordings, etc...) They are sociopaths.

Anonymous said...

In a nutshell:
-They move in as close as possible and around the TI.
-They analyze the TI for a while to learn them. They need to get something on the TI that they can use against him eventually.
-They figure out his habits and schedule.
-They figure out how and when they can enter his/her home.
-They know the TI's timing/schedule as to know how long they have to enter the TI's home to plant and maintain their devices for surveillance on the TI. With their team they setup a lookout. In this case a front and back lookout. They use cams for this purpose as well setup around the TI's home and along/pointing onto the street. They use latex gloves for protection as not to leave fingerprints. If they can get hold of a key they will. In this case they have many keys to most doors at the TI address.
-They monitor the TI 24 hours a day.
-With the use of hidden cams and FM transmitters they do their monitoring. In my case they have constant view of my face. Quote Rob "We can see almost every square inch of that place", with me in bed Rob "center in on hi nipple", etc.
-with the advent and cheap sale of directed voice/sound devices, they make sure the TI hears what they want the TI to hear. Psychologically proven, this would eventually drive the TI to think he/she is insane (schizophrenia).
-They do the for mentioned with the use of the cams and FM transmitters to track and follow the TI inside and then comment on what the TI is doing or has said/been talking about. This could be a conversation internally, or a tele conversation as well. They want the TI to hear them.
-They get access to vehicles the TI has access to. They plant various devices such as GPS tracking, voice and video transmitters. They monitor all the TI's movements by tracking and following the TI as to keep constant watch on the TI. In my case they have installed these devices in my mothers and neighbors cars and have configured them improperly (2 way instead of 1 way).
-With the use of "Kali" they monitor and control ALL of the TI's pc/computer activity. They setup servers for ex. MiTM server to do this. Refer to "Kali Cookbook" for some examples. Also with a program in "Kali" named "Gerix", they will catch Wi-Fi passwords. At first I thought they used Reaver Pro, but soon after a bystander/perp made me aware they were using Gerix on Kali.
-If they have the knowledge they will configure a Windows executable to be a RAT (Remote Access Trojan) that bypasses all antivirus detection. In this case they used "CypherX Pro" which is the best as of today.
-They monitor all of the TI's telephone traffic. This includes mobile phones as proven by the perp referred to as "Rob". They control this as well they do filtering.
-If the TI were to move they would follow and continue their campaign on the TI at the new location.
-They are very well financed to do these campaigns involving travel, shelter, tek purchases, and bystander/perp payoffs. In my case they did 2 trips with me to and from Fort Lauderdale - Denmark.
-The goal of the Organized Stalking control is to have complete control over the TI's personal, business, financial, family wellbeing. The final goal is to convince the general public that the TI is crazy as to be able to falsify any claims or accusations the TI might make to the authorities about what's been happening to him/her. This is where they might use the cammed video recordings to show the local authorities as to justify their defense. They want the TI not to be able to retain work as to make the TI poor/broke. With that they want the TI to become homeless. With the character assassination, they want the TI to have no friends, lose friends, family trust, etc.

Anonymous said...

Stalkers in Austin come from the internat'l. qigong program at the acupuncture school and their practice groups around the world.

In Houston, the stalkers are from an internat'l. Yoga group based out of Sedona, AZ with a "brain institute" in Korea that teaches psychic skills.

Also, beware the Z. Buddhists and the IONS in N. CA...all predatory gang stalkers and continually adding to the numbers and their arsenal.

Medawar said...

The two pictured died in a shootout with a householder in another part of Texas, fairly soon after stalking in Fredericksburg. No idea if they belonged to any of the Zen Groups or other forms of Eastern Mysticism, suspect not though.