Saturday, 24 September 2011

Forced Labour in Skane

This link is to an article reporting that human rights researchers in Sweden have found that at least seven Irish organized crime gangs are using forced labour on construction contracts in Sweden, with the slaves receiving little help or concern from Swedish authorities and, even more shamefully, no detectable concern from the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office at all. It is apparently being left to the Serious and Organized Crime Agency and local (English) police forces to do all the work, and they obviously have no diplomatic power to pressure the Swedish government into living up to one of the most basic responsibilities of a government in the civilized world: to stop slavery happening and to punish the slavers.

Whilst the Daily Mail concentrates on those slaves who may be British subjects, it appears that practically all of them have been trafficked through the UK, which makes their welfare a British responsibility regardless of where the gangsters involved originally kidnapped them from. The current British Prime Minister is an appeaser at heart, and nothing would pain him more than to embarrass a fellow European politician on behalf of down and outs who don't own a single top-end Rangerover between them, but using the very considerable power of his office to protect the weak against the venal and ruthless is one of the duties that goes with all the power and privilege. The Swedish Prime Minister should not feel humiliated by being taken to task for this: the dishonour and humiliation lies in allowing it to happen, and that would appear to cover several successive British Home Secretaries from the early nineties to the present day, as well.

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Anonymous said...

The Irish Republican Army is VERY VERY active in Tampa. VERY ACTIVE. They are fronted by many organizations and partially headquartered here in 1989. Their "protector" here is Robert E. O'Neill, US ATTORNEY for the Middle District of Florida. I believe one day they intend to run he or someone similar to his sleezy self for Senate or worse, President. He is highlited at James Scanlan's web site Mr. Scanlan has extensive information on Mr. O'Neill's bad behavior among others. Mr. Scanlan has (in my opinion heroically) written the President, numerous Senators and a list of those who can and SHOULD do something about O'Neill's criminal behavior to no avail. Mr. Scanlan is a respected member of the D.C. Bar and Harvard educated. There is absolutely NO reason his opinion should be ignored, however he does concentrate solely in the case of O'Neill, on O'Neill's prosecutorial misconduct which appears rampant. As well, there is (forgot what I was going to say finding the links, will have to return when I am not so tied up with this project.