Saturday, 5 December 2009

Weapons Experts Deserve Inquests, Too.

There are now calls, from a group of six medical experts, for a full and proper inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly. There needs to be one into the death of Dr Timothy Hampton, too.
No excuses, no evasions, no "special provisions" just proper lawful inquests by Her Majesty's Coroners for Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

Medawar would caution internet conspiracy theorists, that the furore surrounding Dr Kelly over Iraq's WMDs and the pathological lies of Mr Antony Charles Lynton Blair, may have provided the smokescreen and opportunity for his alleged murder, rather than the motive. The motive might lie a bit further back in his history, as he was the one who exposed Russia's active programme to weaponize the smallpox virus, when all the other UN inspectors were walking through the relevant facility without realizing what it was, simply because the Russians had switched the lights off. Dr Kelly was the only weapons inspector with the presence of mind to take a powerful torch with him on his inspections! There were those in the KGB who hated him for finding what they thought was cunningly hidden in plain sight. Nobody has more form for this kind of murder than the KGB and its successor body, the FSB.

And that little story tells you all just how effective UN weapons inspectors usually are. This is what makes targets of the British ones, who actually roll up their sleeves and genuinely look for wrong-doing. If anyone else was actually looking, there would be no gain in knocking off the Brits.

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