Saturday, 26 December 2009

Toxic Materials in Stalking.

Medawar invites comments, anonymous ones are probably best, from any reader who knows of instances of stalkers (whether "organized" stalkers or just vanilia-variety nutters) using toxic or noxious chemicals to harass their victims, perhaps to damage their health or simply to enhance the anxiety, stress and associated debilitating effects of being stalked and harassed.

Are there any noxious chemicals that disproportionately affect persons from specific ethnic groups, or are there vulnerabilities in diet and lifestyle (consumption of marine mammal fat?) that would allow an ethnic group to be targeted over time and worn down, without it appearing to any outside observer, or even the victims, that it was being done on purpose?

Medawar would like to be able to post a watch-list, of substances and symptoms, at some point, to allow targeted communities at least a chance of self-defence. However, there's a need to avoid writing a manual on how to do it, when one wants only to put a stop to it.

Medawar has read all the stuff about electromagnetic weapons and knows too much about the subject to believe it can account for all the effects people are complaining of. Something else is happening.

Any reader who doesn't understand what this means: don't worry about it, just move on to the next post.


Anonymous said...

A couple of surveillance studies, one in New Mexico and one in California, found the prevalence of adverse chemical reactions was higher in the Native American populations. N.M. study was 1997, I believe. Calif study, Kreutzer et al, was 2001 or somewhere thereabouts. Native Americans are also stalked more than any other ethnic group.

Medawar said...

Thank you.
I find anonymous's comment interesting on both counts.

It would be interesting to know which the most-stalked ethnic group in the UK was, but so few police forces record stalking honestly, that a reliable answer may be currently impossible to find.

A while ago, there was some material on the net about organized stalking in Belgium, which gave a faint but still tangible impression of an ethnic agenda, too.

The Scottish First Minister is reported to have openly laughed at a reporter who asked him about the stalking of an English family in Edinburgh, which included arson at their family home. That, of course, may simply reflect Mr Salmond's personality rather than a deeper political agenda.
But it was disturbing at the time, that anybody in such a senior and responsible position in any government, should be amused by such a thing.

Medawar said...

A couple of years back, Medawar saw quite a lot of material on the internet about organized stalking in Sweden.

He hasn't come across new posts about the situation in Sweden in a while, and the ones he did see, were mainly baffled by the whole thing and the victims certainly hadn't got an explanation as to who was doing it to them, let alone why.

Did any of the Swedish victims have links to the Saami community, or any cultural rather than purely ethnic group, perhaps one that advocated self-reliance or self-sufficiency?

If it's not a case of blanket bullying of all ethnic minorities, could there be some kind of twisted logic to it? Could the more individualistic, freedom-loving cultures be particular targets?

Terri Hansen said...

Good questions Medawar. In answer to your post, I am fairly certain my perpetrators are using hydrochloric acid. (I think its use is widespread in vigilante or gang stalking.) It smells like an acrid dioxin or chlorinated compound, and before I knew to escape it, it caused tooth deterioriation, extreme acid reflux and other symptoms. I have also experienced rapid deterioration of my retinas, proven by opthamologic testing. The other even more dangerous substance used, when I lived alone, was a form of phosphorus chlorine. It sparkled like tiny dots of phosphorus in the air. Anyone know the antidotes to these toxic substances? And Medawar please contact me on my own blog. I've further research to share, and curious about your own scholarly interest. Thanks!

Medawar said...

Green vegetables (at least one portion a day, spinach once a week) gives some protection against retinal damage from a variety of causes. You can also get pills that contain a lot of the relevant protective pigment, intended to stave off Macular Disease in the elderly. "Lutein" or equivalent, contains a lot of marigold extract, but basically it's green and other natural food pigments that can help protect the retina from damage.

Do you mean phosphine? Search for "Talunex", sold by a firm in Yorkshire. American equivalents will be chemically similar. This is certainly capable of sparkling and glowing, as well as causing apnea and ataxia.

Medawar does know of UK targeted individuals with retinal problems.

The UK has an intelligence agency, NETCU, dedicated to stopping organized stalking, but only when it's committed by an identifiable extremist group, such as the Animal Liberation Front or Combat 18.

NETCU is run by Superintendent Stephen Pearl and based in Huntingdon, although it started out in spare offices on Wyboston Golf Course donated by the management until Home Office funding came through.

Native Americans do have their own treaty with the UK government, predating the war of independence by some years, and their own diplomatic relations.

It would be perfectly in order to use these to advise the Crown of anything going on that was detrimental to your people. Medawar has got considerably more change out of the Palace than Downing Street on this issue over recent years, and the most prominent opponent of gang-stalking in the UK is a former Astronomer Royal.

If your nation, or the Five Nations, send a formal letter to the Queen, simply advising her of what is happening, and it's in both Canada and the USA to my knowledge, then it she is guaranteed to read it. Her private secretary will also forward a copy to the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, but Medawar suspects that the current incumberants will do little or nothing. However, a follow-up letter, in May, will cause the file to be carried over to whomever replaces Mr Brown and Mr Millband at the next election.

If the recent European Parliamentary election is any guide, The odds are that this will be Mr Cameron or possibly Mr Farage, there is a minimal chance of it being the Liberal leader, a Mr Clegg.

Get a formal letter in to the palace now, and another on election day (probably start of May). That will make the matter relevant to both present and incoming ministers, so the file won't fall down the cracks.

gangstalking-australia said...

Hello, thanks for your post. I am in Australia, and yes they are definately using chemicals both on myself and my dog. You have some good reading here, when I feel a bit better will do more reading. Thank you.

gangstalking-australia said...

I also am seeing sparkly white dots of something in the air inside my home. I have got some of this on video. Along with the chemicals also being used it makes your gums very sore and raw feeling, affects the teeth and gives a burning sensation in the mouth. My eyes are very dry and burning most of the time and my eyesight has deterriorated a lot. Over the last couple of weeks both my dog and myself have been retching and to the stage of vomitting nearly daily. I read your reply to Terri Hansen on food and pills you recommend, thank you for this. I shall look them up as to if its the same name pills etc in Australia as to buying them.

Medawar said...

I think the phosphorescence is most probably phosphine or something of a similar chemical nature. This is very toxic.

Saffron has been shown (scientific studies in Italy) to help heal eye damage when nothing else will, but this is an expensive cure! You might be able to grow your own saffron crocuses, though, in Australia. It's the stamens from the flowers, dried, that's the spice. Do not eat crocus bulbs unless you are a Muntjac Deer or a Grey Squirrel!

(Muntjac eat crocuses, daffodils, tulips, gladioli; Roe Deer devour roses, Red Deer eat artichokes; English country gardeners could be forgiven the odd barrage of .246" Purdey bullets from the kitchen door.)

High pressure water pistols are a method of poison delivery that Medawar recognizes; but also since the phosphine-evolving fox-killer "Talunex" is available as pellets for a safety dispenser, a bored-out airgun can, and has been, used to deliver Talunex pellets into the victim's home. These shatter on impact, speeding up the reaction with atmospheric moisture that releases the gas, and it leaves behind only aluminium oxide, which can't be easily distinguished, forensically, from the aluminium oxide in soils and building materials.

Medawar wouldn't be at all surprised if this made a flash of light under some conditions, depending mainly on humidity.

Medawar said...

See also the comment dialog on this post:

Medawar hadn't really thought about drink spiking, so much as dosing houses with toxic vapours or aerosols, but the method and intent that anonymous describes for the "Animal Protection party" is otherwise equivalent, and their description of the APP as "basement-level organised crime" is also pretty apt.

Anonymous said...

They coat interior walls with Phencyclidine, or PCP, a slightly yellowish substance, to make their victim appear schizophrenic in order to discredit them. If one is suspicious one can stick a piece of tape repeatedly over the surface to pick up the substance to have tested. Beware perpetrators can break in to change the results of your test, you need a lab you can trust.

Medawar said...

On a related topic:
Several British families driving camper vans in France have been robbed while sleeping in the van, after "some sort of gas" was fed in. Much disbelief from police, but the most recent case would seem to indicate that the gas is exhaust gas from the robber's vehicle and the victims may not be administered a lethal dose, but they are being administered a potentially lethal poison.

With criminals, the answer to a mystery is very often the cheapest and simplest option.


Anonymous said...

One of the primary means of my stalker is to spray a chemical into the air and it smells like lacquer - very heavy scent that causes me to cough and have a hard time breathing and can taste it in my mouth. Do not know what the other substance(s) are, but it is used to deface and destroy plants in my garden. It may be Round-up. A botanist friend believes my plants are suffering from those symptoms. My garden was my pride and joy, and it is rapidly being destroyed. I believe that the stalker has also placed a very bitter chemical (unknown) in my coffee. When I have tasted it, I spit it out and clean my mouth. Also throw out the rest of the drink.
Also, heavy doses of 3MEO (they left lots of clues as to what the substance was via cyber-stalking) were used to spike the sugar I used for food/drink. This is a heavy, heavy anesthetic, similar to Ketamine; chemically similar to PCP. I was under the influence of this drug for 5 solid months and couldn't do anything about it but wonder why I couldn't come out of feeling out of it except cry and other extreme emotions (out of character for me) I believe that this was used so I would be more susceptible to hyperacoustic sound and their sadistic fraudulent interrogation. They may have used some sort of V2K or hypersonic acoustical device in order to sadistically abuse me and attempt to have me suicide. Fortunately, I left to go on a conference for a few days and began to regain consciousness. When I came home, I decided to use honey, rather than sugar, and gradually got better. However, I had severe amnesia and extremely poor recollection of memory and organizational skills, which assisted the stalker cause even more terror.
In my case, Ihave one stalker that has a group that assists him, otherwise known as organized stalking. I truly believe that their intent is to murder me; or at the very least, cause a slow kill. This has caused me great harm, not only to my brain, but to place me in a state of fear - which normally, I am not a fearful person.
I would characterize my stalking (also vandalizing, stealing, multiple stalkers following me everywhere I go) as a menticide - a sadistic terrorism. Not only are they destroying my garden, they are trying to destroy me, my mind, the beauty I create (am a gardener and artist), but my health and sense of safety, well-being; my freedoms and liberty as a human being. This is murder.

Anonymous said...

My family and I are being Gangstalked in Asheville NC. It has progressed quickly. On top of being followed 24/7 All of our neighbors are participating. I think I've been put on a watch list but am not sure. They are on our property all night every night using Drones with lasers as well as on foot. Now they are poisoning us. Horrible Oder inside and outside of the house. Now they are flying planes over our home I think they are literally spraying us from the air. Burning noses and eyes. They sprayed inside my 82yr old fathers car today when he forgot to roll the window all the way up. This is coming from a bike gang and a bunch of snitches from a Bar on Tunnel Rd. Police calls are not showing up. I was told the police wont help us and they haven't. I called everyone I can think of but no help looking into a new investigative team. We are being murdered. I have no criminal history. My father was a hard working self made business man that served his country and this is the thanks he gets! I hope they all go meet their Master Satan because evil is all they are!

Phili said...

Dear Terri, I'm in tears reading these post, my son is 38 years old, he has been telling me that he is being gang stalked and poisoned constantly, I thought he was loosening his mind untill I stayed with him in my rv one night. At 3 am I woke up to smell the most horrable smell of my life, it smelt like rat or roach poison of some sort.where do you live? My son michael needs a support group, do you have one? Y'all need to talk. My cell phone number is 817-526-2284.
Please call me or I can give you his number also. Please be safe, watch everything that you do.

Medawar said...

Terri last posted here a few years ago, so she may not be able to reply. Still, will leave the comment up for her to see is she's still active. She was writing on "Indian Nation" before.

Anonymous said...

You & me both! Hardcore criminal stalking harassment & torture has been happening to me in Asheville as well. Multiple murder attempts a day, day after day after day, especially in my car ... Rampant abuse @ every grocery store/gas station .... False police reports ... Sabotage from every angle ... gassing poisoning microwaves lasers waking up with strange puncture wounds doors unlocked super groggy .... Stolen everything basically. I am looking for other real people such as myself who are going thru what I am going thru. They are trying to totally isolate & completely destroy my animal companions & me.

Thank You from my Soul for speaking out.

Blessings All the Way!

Bobby G. said...

I am going going through the same thing for 2 years now. I have been poisoned and mentally and sexually abused. My health issues deteriorating and no one believes me. I don't know what to do anymore and here lately I have been wanting to just give up cause I don't know how much more of this I can take.

Anonymous said...

I am going through the same thing. I have been stalked for 2 years now that I know of. They have mentally and sexually abused me. They are constantly spraying something into my home that makes me very sick. I wake up with bruises and puncture wounds all over my body and when the spray hits me my whole body aches and the area around the wound is red and sore. I cant thi k straight my eyes are getting worst and on top of that no one believes me. I dont know what else to do and I feel like jus5 giving up.

Bobby G. said...

I am going going through the same thing for 2 years now. I have been poisoned and mentally and sexually abused. My health issues deteriorating and no one believes me. I don't know what to do anymore and here lately I have been wanting to just give up cause I don't know how much more of this I can take.

Washington state said...

Definite chemical assaults, but unsure of chemicals. The chemicals used seem to change in a cycle, with different symptoms associated with each one. My dog and I are both affected.

Medawar said...

Changing chemicals with different effects may be a sign that you have several stalkers, taking turns, and each has obtained a different toxic substance to use. They also steal the more noxious ones (eg: Talunex, which evolves phosphine gas) from licensed pest controllers. The availability of the deadlier chemicals will vary according to how careful local pest controllers are being about locking their stock up, so it'll come and go. When they can't obtain strictly controlled poisons like this, they will use things like Wasp nest Destroyer, that can be bought from hardware shops without a license. Wasp Nest Destroyer comes ready packaged in a high pressure can which will spray accurately for thirty feet, making the harassment job much easier.

If you find yourself suddenly vomiting violently and uncontrollably, that means that they have obtained, or manufactured, some chloropicrin. This is recognized as a chemical weapon by the UN. It can be made in small quantities by combining nitro-methane drag racing fuel (also used in some radio controlled model aircraft) with chlorine bleach. Check to see if there's a local outlet that sells nitro-methane, or a drag-racing track in your area from which nitro-methane might be stolen in small amounts. (They would only need a pint or two to make quite a lot of chloropicrin, as the effective dose doesn't need to be very large. It actually works more quickly than nerve gas.)

Anonymous said...

I have been gangstalked for at least 29yrs now. Recently, Whenever I open my upstairs windows, they push toxic fumes through the windows. Could they have piping in the gutter/fascia to do this? Can anyone help me remove it - I need someone I can trust. I live in the U.K.

Medawar said...

They don't need piping. They just need a toxic or noxious substance that evaporates or sublimates that they get on the window and particularly the windowsill, at irregular intervals. Then, when you open the window, or the wind blows hard against it, the vapours from the toxic substance come into the house.

It may seem strange that it's upstairs, but wasp-nest destroyer comes in a high pressure can that can shoot thirty feet or more and even more noxious substances, like Talunex (evolves phosphine gas for killing foxes), comes in round pellets to be placed in an animal's burrow by a safety applicator. The perps just bore out an air-pistol, or get an airsoft gun or paintball gun, and fire the pellets against your window from well outside your property. On impact, these fragment to dust, which steadily reacts with moisture in the air to form the gas. They try and keep the gas going all the time you are in the house: you just think it's a reaction to your opening the window because that's when you notice it.

Cleaning the windows can help, especially if you use the green Windolene which has a bit of vinegar in, which seems to decompose some of the nasties.

Talunex will make you feel as if you are smelling hedge-garlic, but it's actually your own digestive enzymes going wrong and the smell is inside you and others won't smell it unless they have gotten enough of the gas to be mildly poisoned themselves.

If you become suddenly violently sick, the perps have either found some Monkshood plants to put in a juicer and squirted that at your window, or they have succeeded in making chloropicrin from racing car fuel. (An operation fraught with some danger.)

Either of these agents will go on making you sick for quite some time unless you are able to wash it off the affected window. These agents are more difficult for them to make/obtain than common pesticides and date-rape drugs, such as GBH which is quite effective as a chemical weapon, so the latter are what they use most of the time. But if they manage to steal some Talunex or racing car fuel etc, they will use it promptly to make life extra miserable.

Stalking of this kind is unrequited murder: they want you to die, but slowly and in a way that will not lead to a murder investigation.

Think in terms of it being done from thirty feet away, and what cover there is that would hide them at about this sort of distance.