Thursday, 18 December 2008

The Milk of Human Sadism

On the 23rd of September, it was reported that the animal rights group "PETA" had sent a message to the management of Ben and Gerry's Homemade Inc (an American icecream company) to the effect that they must abandon the use of cow's milk in their products and, instead, use human breast milk to make ice cream for sale on a commercial basis. Any suggestion of PETA's (a law-abiding institution, so it says) is habitually backed up by the threats and violence of the Animal Liberation Front, the Animal Rights Militia, "Earth First!" and the Earth Liberation Front, all of which make a virtue of breaking laws in what they deem to be a good cause.

Medawar's previous post "Science is a Freedom" stated that the cruelest thing you can do to someone, is force them to accept something that their reason wishes to reject.

PETA have previously campaigned for children to drink beer instead of milk, now, ice-cream makers are supposed to accept the theory that it's "healthier" for commercial icecream to be made from "donated" human breast milk.

They also strive to make people believe that cows milk makes people unhealthy (despite the historical evidence to the contrary, see especially "The Englishman's Food" by J.C Drummond and Anne Wilbraham (Jonathan Cape Ltd) which shows how many diseases were banished by the improved availability of fresh dairy products in English towns from the 18th century onwards.) Cows are now also to be blamed for global warming, with the idea that pastures can be converted into croplands.

The last time pastures were systematically converted into arable lands as a matter of public policy on any great scale, was in the Mid-Western United States in the early years of the 20th century. By the nineteen-twenties, this had caused the greatest ecological disaster in American history: the "Dustbowl". Because permanent pasture has a deeper root system even than most forests, it can withstand cyclical droughts in a way that arable land and even forestry plantations, cannot. Nearly all of the pasture lands which PETA would like to see converted (to growing soyabeans, presumably) in the USA, Canada and Argentina, are subject to cyclical droughts every twenty or thirty years. So, you can get away with arable farming for a decade, maybe two, and then you have a disaster and a sterile moonscape that won't grow anything in a hurry, even when the rains return.

Reason tells me that getting children to drink beer instead of milk, is very bad for them.
Reason tells me that dairy products, far from being dangerous to human health, are actually essential to avoid problems such as rickets and many opthalmic ailments.
Reason tells me that the commercial exploitation of human breast milk for ice-cream, is a deliberate lunacy which is being put forward for the following reasons:

Pathological liars are not compelled to tell plausible lies: they are compelled to force people to accept things which are not plausible, things which their reason wants to reject. Pathological lying is a species of sadism: they do it because the irrational lies which they force people to accept destroy the core of the victim's being. It is a way of stealing someone's sanity by force. Your reason wants to reject the idea of women being bullied into "donating" breast milk to icecream makers, so that pastures can be ploughed for soya production? Well, tough: PETA wants to make you accept the idea, precisely because it makes your reason scream with pain.

Then the whole concept deliberately reverses the position of woman and beast: women are, if anything less than beasts in PETA's eyes. And not only that, they want to force humanity to accept that status. Like the Cathars of Medievil Europe, successfully brainwashing people to sign over their wealth to the Cathars and then starve themselves to death. That, too, was an institution based on pathological lying.

It is ludicrous, but it is deliberately ludicrous. They cannot express their contempt and hatred for humanity in reasoned concepts, so they put forward ludicrous ones, instead, and then set about making people "believe" the most ludicrous of lies. Pathological lying of this order, is linked to the deepest and darkest forms of sadism.

Be very afraid of the sort of mind that can put this sort of idea forward, not quite in a spirit of seriousness, but in a spirit of mocking contempt for the human race. Here is something a thousand times more dangerous than any Islamist's hymn of hate, because it is born of hatred, not for any regional, ethnic or ideological grouping, but of hatred for the human form itself.

You might want to laugh out loud, but it's a statement of intent: when the people behind PETA rule, we will all have to publicly affirm our acceptance of this kind of madness, or we will suffer very violent consequences indeed. They laughed at Hitler, in 1923. By 1933, they were all shouting seig Heil! like the best of them, in case they got singled out. So, laugh at them for now, but get ready for the fight.

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