Saturday, 13 December 2008


This blog is intended to deal with issues involving both science and human freedom.
"Medawar's" central belief is that freedom of inquiry is as important to the human condition as the freedom to protest or state political beliefs.
Indeed, most of our current concepts of political freedom stem from two roots:
the work of religious innovators and dissidents; for example, John Bunyan, who had to fight for the right to preach and pray as their conscience and intellect demanded -and those scientists who had to fight for the fight to study and theorize as their intellect demanded.

The modern world is full of forces which seek to suppress not simply our "political freedoms", "civil rights" or even "human rights", but the very basic right of curiosity and the use of reason which led to all of these.

Enemies of the basic right to curiousity and reason range from neo-nazi groups, such as the "November the Ninth Society" via the Animal Liberation Front, to Organised Crime and other entities which appear vague and shapeless, not to say nameless, to the majority of people, but which have a real and negative impact on some people's lives.

The Orange Dahlia, above, has been chosen because it's intensely beautiful, but it's the product, not solely of nature, but of nature and man's curiousity and reason working together. That makes it a symbol of everything which many extremists and little Hitlers are trying to suppress.

More posts will follow, but this sets out the stall!


Anonymous said...

Animal Rights Terrorists arrested:

Medawar said...

Medawar has put a working version of your link in a post at the top of the blog.

For obvious safety reasons, links in comments don't "work" in case they are malicious, but Medawar checked this one and nothing bad happened, even on a windows machine.

Welcome news, as there had been a lot of arsons (always life-threatening, in California, as in Australia) as well as stalking and endless, endless, persecution.

Gang-stalking is evil, using animals as an excuse just adds insult to injury.