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America's Forgotten Anti-Gangstalking Law: USC 18 Section 241

Many of Medawar's fellow bloggers are calling for laws in the USA, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom against "gangstalking" and "proxy stalking" which could both collectively be called organized stalking. And certainly in Canada and Australia, some legislative action is imperative. But it's long been Medawar's view that in the United Kingdom (both England and Scotland; unlike the Berlin Wall, Hadrian's Wall has never fallen in the legal sense) all forms of organized stalking were breaking several laws already and the problem was recognition of that fact by the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Crown Prosecution Service and action by the police.

In the USA, there already is a highly specific law, under which it is pretty well impossible for any two or more persons to carry out a stalking campaign against a citizen, without conspiring to deny that citizen their legal and constitutional rights. Under USC18 section 241, this is an offence normally punishable by a fine and/or up to ten years imprisonment. But if the conspiracy leads to a loss of life, and the usual qualifications of premeditated murder are not specified (because murder is not a Federal offence and would be dealt with under county or state law if it had happened) then the penalty can be life imprisonment, or death.

So, if somebody is harassed and deprived of their legal and constitutional rights to the point where they commit suicide, or become ill and expire as some other consequence of the conspiracy to deny them their rights, then a capital crime has been committed. For example: if a conspiracy to harass a citizen restricted his ability to earn money to keep himself properly fed and housed and he were to die as a result of living rough, the conspirators have committed a capital crime, just as they would have done had they conspired to prevent him receiving proper medical treatment for an illness. Or, if they conspired to restrict his freedom of movement and he was unable to flee a natural disaster, they would have committed a capital crime that could be investigated by Federal Agents and tried in a Federal Court.

The possibility of life imprisonment or capital punishment also applies if the citizen is kidnapped, sexually assaulted, or there is an intent to sexually assault, or an attempt to kill.

These are extreme examples to demonstrate the circumstances in which organized stalking is a capital crime under US Federal Law. But not so extreme that there are no stalking groups currently risking such a charge. In fact, the threat and fact of sexual assault is pretty common.

In the less extreme case, whereby a citizen is not harried to his death, merely prevented from living the normal life of an American citizen, it is still a felony, punishable by a longer prison term than many burglaries, assaults and contraband offences. And nearly ALL stalking activity involving two or more persons acting together, commits this felony.

Even if a lone stalker enlists the help of another for a single part of his stalking campaign against a citizen, a conspiracy to deny that citizen his rights has probably taken place.

The relevant legal text is a lot shorter than this post and is reproduced, below.

       If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or
  intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth,
  Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any
  right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of
  the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same;
    If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the
  premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free
  exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured -
    They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than
  ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in
  violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an
  attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit
  aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined
  under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life,
  or both, or may be sentenced to death.
The second paragraph makes it obvious that the Congress had the Ku Klux Klan very much in mind when drafting this law; anyone who thinks that they are stalking in a more noble cause, should think again: if you resort to the Klan's methods, your cause is incapable of nobility and you fully deserve to be tarred with precisely the same brush. It is legally impossible to stalk in a good cause. This title is not an anti-racism law: it is a law against denying a citizen his constitutional and legal rights on any pretext whatsoever.

Four police officers in New Haven, Connecticut, have been indicted and arrested under this very law.

Further update:
Judge, Sheriff and Prosecutor from Mingo County, West Virginia, all jailed under this law and a few others. See also this link.

Update 5/6/2017: Most readers of this post will be interested in this newer post, which contains a link to a new report by the UK's Inspectorate of Constabulary and the Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate, into stalking and the inadequate response of police and prosecutors to it. There is also a research document published alongside the report, which is of relevance to stalking in whichever country it occurs.

Update 15/7/2020: see new post for pretty conclusive proof that organised stalking can happen and that it can lead to Federal charges.


Anonymous said...

You should be commended for this article. There is a question of how a person can actually prove the conspiracy or collusion required to qualify as gang stalking. And there is another question of why detectives, hired to follow and monitor a person's activities, are not addressed under stalking laws.

In other words, what laws justify and allow legal and hired stalking?

And how can a victim prove illegal, organized stalking?

Anonymous said...

Well said, Medawar. We need laws in Canada that are at least as strong as the American laws.

And good point made by the previous commentator.

One very serious problem that has come up is that private investigation firms are actually being hired by the wealthier stalkers to participate in the stalking.

This needs to be addressed in the regulations governing their activities.

Medawar said...

This is a criminal offence.
The victim should not (legally) be in the lonely and precarious position of a civil plaintiff, who must prove their case entirely on their own.

The victim (or a concerned third party) needs, in law, only to provide the US Attorney General or the FBI with enough to show probable cause for an investigation, after which the onus is on the authorities to determine what has happened, bring appropriate charges and make a case before a court.

This assumes that Mr Holder and his agents are indeed prepared to do their sworn duty to the constitution, because this title is an essential part of the protection for the constitution itself, and is one of the most important laws of the United States of America as a consequence of that.

If Mr Holder (and his eventual successor) is not so prepared, then his conduct is impeachable.

As for private detectives:
It is ONLY legal for them to gather information on you, for a legal purpose. If they pass that information to anyone intending to use it to facilitate an illegal action, then they are CONSPIRING with that person and therefore they are committing the felony of conspiring to deny you your rights.

There are quite a few private detectives who ought to reflect long and hard on that before taking any further action on behalf of clients whom they know to be disposed to harm the subjects of their investigations, because if the client causes the death of the person the PI has investigated, the PI could be liable for life imprisonment or the death penalty under this title.

Mary Lou said...

Thank you for clarifying the U.S. legal situation, because there has been a great deal of confusion. For example, I've often wondered if organized stalking might fall under federal RICO statutes.

Specific information on how to file a formal complaint of organized stalking with the FBI and/or DOJ is desperatlely needed by U.S. victims but, as noted, even more necessary is the willingness of the DOJ to recognize organized stalking for the very serious criminal act that it is and start prosecuting it aggressively. When victims receive letters from the DOJ like those posted at in response to their legitimate and serious criminal complaints (if they even receive any response at all), it forces victims to look outside the U.S. for help, particularly with regard to the blatant violations of their human rights.

The official response by President Obama's office regarding organized stalking was to equate it with simple bullying (see letter posted at the blog above) and completely ignore the criminal and human rights issues.

When the U.S. Government acts like that of a third-world country by ignoring blatant criminal acts and human and civil rights violations, it should expect to be treated like one by the rest of the world.

TI-rbw said...

The last time I interacted with the FBI they told me that the next time I wanted to contact them or pass any information to them, that I had to go through an attorney. That costs money, even if a victim can find an attorney willing to take on the forces behind organized stalking. I was homeless for over a year, just recently getting a housing voucher through a private agency, but coming up with enough money to pay an attorney for 1-2 hours is impossible for someone in my situation.

Maybe this was just another Psyops tactic, but three months ago I submitted an FBI FOIA request for a copy of my FBI record. A few hours after faxing in the request a late model sedan went flying past me as I was walking down the street. The driver flipped me the bird. The sedan had US government plates on it. I tried to capture that day in a YouTube video:

Medawar said...

You are not the first person to say that the FBI requires you to pass information to them only via an attorney. An increasingly prevalent practice is not necessarily a lawful one, and this may constitute a denial of rights within the meaning of the title discussed above, just by itself.

The speed of the reaction to your FOIA request suggests something quicker-witted than the FBI bureaucracy itself: could corrupt agents make the FBI machine work faster than their line management ever could?

Try writing to the Attorney General in carefully polite and neutral terms, asking whether it's a legal and acceptable practice for the FBI to make some citizens communicate with them only via an attorney, because this could seriously impair the citizen's ability to report serious crime, or corruption within the FBI.

A surprisingly high percentage of American TIs are, like yourself, very well qualified and potential assets to the country, who are being attacked rather than valued.

Try this:

and see what you think about ex-stasi agents having colonized the FBI and other government agencies over the past twenty years, most decidedly not to America's benefit. Rather like a second wave of "operation Paperclip" whereby America recruited thousands of Nazi spies and scientists, whom the British government had refused to touch with a bargepole, only to find them running whole departments and generally making policy within a decade.

Yes, these were men of great ability, but they weren't men who shared America's core values. And one of the things they did most assiduously, was sideline American-born colleagues who held those values to heart.

Anonymous said...

There is a chain of command and usually the FBI wants problems to be dealt with by local authorities. Even if they get involved often they are in the background with the local authorities taking the credit. So start local, then state police... and it goes up the chain.

The person to talk to is really a US Attorney or Assistant US Attorney in a federal case where the stalking crosses lines or federal laws are broken. They will listen but whether they'll act is another issue.

Medawar said...

The "chain of command" tends to break at its weakest link, which will be the local police if they are corrupt.

There no longer seems to be any working mechanism in the United States to get over a local force that refuses to either act or pass a case up the chain, and which may even try and intimidate victims to silence.

Like the deep South in the early sixties, but not just with racism and all over the country now.

Unknown said...

I am an educated professional and a silent victim of FBI gang stalking. It is hard to believe that something like this exists and easy to call it someones conspiracy theory if you have not experienced it yourself. I was targeted because I was under suspicion of being involved with some less than legal business practices by my employer that I had nothing to do with. They will tap your phone, computers and bank account and use the information gathered against you. They can go so far as to bug the radio in your car and home to play certain music and and have people come around you geused as normal strangers to psychologically antagonize you based on the information gathered. It played hell on my psyche and caused allot of undue distress on me and my family. I will put my hand on the bible and repeat what I just told you ten times in a row in front of anyone anywhere no matter the consequences. Someone has to step out, bring light to and speak against this.

Continue reading on Ex-FBI agent: 'Gangstalking' term self-harm for Gov. no-touch Torture eugenics - National Human Rights |

Medawar said...

Medawar knows of at least one Private Investigator, claiming at least to be an ex-FBI agent, Kenneth Franklin Hays, who is heavily involved with organised stalking, on behalf of outright criminals, but using whatever FBI and Homeland Security resources he can con his ex "colleagues" into giving him.

A very similar story can be told of some of the Private Investigators, mostly former Metropolitan Police detectives, current embroiled in the News International hacking scandal.

Medawar also knows of an ex RCMP/CSIS field agent who runs a large business and is also hevaily involved in stalking.

However, the methodology and tactics of organized stalking, strongly suggest that the predominant "ex"-service involved is the Stasi.

The things that Unknown is describing might be carried out by past or present, FBI personnel, but they come straight out of Stasi training literature.

Medawar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Medawar said...

See also:

Which shows that the FSB is doing all of the usual gangstalking things, even to US diplomats.

Anonymous said...

It's because they strive to keep everything local. You cannot report to FBI out of your area or even the ACLU!! LOL !! They will route you right back to them no matter what. I have told so many stalking victims about usc 18 they say THERE IS NO LAW. I say as you: ENFORCE THE LAWS WE HAVE. But they did make it very difficult to prove this crime. NOT impossible. AT ALL. Who is that loser who has posted your photo and such? They did all that to me!! I completely ignored it. Yes, I am the dangerous one for pointing out THEIR crimes. Only, funny thing is my dogs would even laugh at me if I ever made to touch them meanly. I am very peaceful and non-violent. THAT is how perverse the system IS. They have a "rolodex" of items they are ready to throw. Seemingly in rote order. I notice with my own case they have tried some things over and over like they are out of options. Another thing I have notices is that if you completely IGNORE their efforts to "sensitize" new things ... they just knock it off. They give up. It's a waste of time. So part of it is psychological on one's own self to simply overlook them as though they are rubbish in the road. Which they are. Then they go a little nutso and try to get all in your face and jump through hoops. It's sometimes quite funny and other times annoying. Sometimes costly but for that I just raise the price on what I have they want. Thieves and murderers. At night I many times say, "see you murdering pieces of )))) tomorrow!" Everyone in this neighborhood is south now. There might be ONE person left besides me. But I don't know for sure. You write excellent articles.

Medawar said...

If the picture on the internet is the one I think you mean, it's of someone else entirely and the malicious and anonymous poster (almost certainly an animal rights terrorist called Phillip Beaven) picked on him out of pure malice.

The images used in the malicious post came from the BBC Radio Suffolk website and were meant to support a programme that Mr Lee Norton made about various little-known underground structures in Ipswich.

Apart from Mr Norton not being Medawar, 90% of the other "information" about him on the various malicious posts was grossly defamatory, too.

Anonymous said...

Yes. GROSSLY defamatory. But I think anyone of any reasonable common sense could tell that at a second's glance. I only noticed them because I experienced a shutdown and had to google for the sites I had been at and that popped up, As they want it to. Animal rights people HERE are many times just complete WACK jobs. They are cruel to human beings, one regularly poisons PEOPLE and then overly solicitous towards animals. Ghoulish. Yet the lady I speak of ... she is wife of the I.R.A. bar-owner here, a real loser. One really cool dog died around her mysteriously. She is the only one who fed it besides the owner, granted something else could have happened but she also puts toxins in peoples' food. FOR A FACT. She puts me in mind of those folks who have that proxy illness whereby they sicken their children and get off on it?

That's how she is with her animals in her shop of horrors.
Plus I have no doubt the owner of the poor poisoned dog is next. Am keeping an eye on it but really nothing I can do but point the finger.

This whole "pet law" thing they are trying to sweep across America is merely a facade for the theft of estates. No more than that.

Medawar said...

The above comment was deleted because of a live link, which might trap readers unawares. Here's what it said:

Anonymous said...

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This translates to:

See the polite message about not putting live links into comments, which you ignored.

Medawar said...

anti virus mac appears to be spam, buit the comment will stay up for a bit in case anyone wants to report problems with the tiny ulr alias

Anonymous said...

A lot of times they leave those links as you likely know in order to kick at someone who is commenting on your blog.
Medawar: This is soo off-topic. I have been reading F.M.Looney's blog. I can't tell you how many common threads I have found there. If you have a faster way to contact her besides blog comments please tell her I don't know if it's her and if if it I don't blame her but there is a lady who is absolutely fearless who is blogging about a serial killer profiled such as that gordon bennett, who also calls himself a highway man. He has committed MANY MURDERS according to her. It struck me immediately but what I wanted to ask about was "this".

You left in a comment "When RDX poisoning doesn't lead to cancer, it can cause irrational rages that simply do not calm down. If cops arrest someone in a screaming rage and put them in a cell to calm down, and they're still in a screaming rage the next day, it's a fair bet they have been living with RDX in some form, in their dwelling or in their car or truck -and a search is indicated and justified." ...

THIS HAPPENS HERE (THE ANGER but much more temporary) There is no c4 here or anywhere around here. I am certain of that because of the meth lab explosions and other random explosions ... maybe some explosions but I am naar 100percent certain they are all fire-related. Only one I did not actually see or hear personally. (MANY OF THEM) BUT something they use and apply around here either hose it in or release from vehicles especially altered temporarily for this action or permanently perhaps makes one angry like this. It's very temporoary but can last a few hours. Sometimes you don't realize you are unreasonably angry until something happens which wouldn't ordinarily bother you at ALL. I was using the garden hose one day and got very angry over it not turning the way I wanted. I went inside and thought about that. It has caused terrible arguments, disagreements and other horrendous things and they seem to always know to apply it where you will arrive and when it would do the most damage. NOT TO MY VEHICLE ANYMOER because I pointed a camera at it. Please please please tell me if you know of anything at all that might also derive as such (I feel pesticide or a gas or something in fire-related products) and/or sometimes or possibly react with diesel. When a person gets angry at a garden hose who doesn't get angry at ... anything really, it was very obvious. Now I look back at stupid arguments which made NO SENSE and realized they had been "aided" by unreasoning anger. I tried to explain this to an SO and to various family. On one occasion I could see a sheen on the face of the other passenger in the vehicle. NOT SWEAT. A sheen like a light evenly applied mist mist mist of an oil by product. the application of petroleum jelly relieves your eye and nose tissue but the redness remains. So you can be crazy, I guess is the idea. BUT I NOTICE on days that someone else will be on your property THE STUFF IS NOT USED. It's how I spot a lot of activity by carefully assession the air outside and in.
Okay .. thank you if you can help AT ALL. I'm so sorry to always throw such big questions at you but so very grateful that you are willing to help. No rush. I have been going through this FOR YEARS. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

medawar, it's in this comment as you may know ...

Anonymous said...

Gangstalking is a myth. But its still happening. You have to ask yourself how? How does it work? Are you being stalked, harassed, chemtrailed or mind controlled? Can't figure out what is going on? This is what they are doing, and this is how they do it. Open your eyes.

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Medawar said...

As long as you are sure it won't scare off any customers,, it's alright to link to or quote it.

If you want to reproduce the whole thing, it's best to attribute it and provide a link to the original, because readers like to check sources for this kind of thing.

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Anonymous said...

I just found out that the guy who raped me (I was told the year before by a friend of his cousin I would be raped) that this dirtbag is now a high ranking administrator in a city in new York. He is the same rank as the chief of police and the head of the fire Marshall. That being said, my whole family but me are cold wealthy masons. The scope of the evil is astounding. In my little city there is house after house, smallish ones that have 6 to 8 cars packed into the driveways. I have seen at least one car with a variety of license plates in the back seat! I noticed the MADD bumper sticker and actually talked to the owned. Yep, she is from out of state. This is a reptutedly no crime area and all white, which is obviously worth nothing. I have a retired lawyer upstairs doing the stomping and flushing harassment. She has suggested that they just want our unit. This is racketeering right out in the open for people with eyes. The woman who is "in charge of everything around here" is from Jamaica and there are polish and Russian university researcher/spies aplenty as close neighbors. Many zion ist too. Just saying!

Anonymous said...

Dean Roger Ray: These laws sound awsome but if the police and justice system are extremely corrupt who do i show my evidense to? I went into the RCMP station in Sylvan Lake Alberta to report gangstalking and the police officer refused to take my report or keep the video evidense.

Medawar said...

Canada does not benefit from either US law, or the more recent anti-stalking laws passed in England.

(Gangstalking is covered by these, because even a tacit agreement to commit an arrestable offence, is conspiracy and an arrestable offence of itself, in English law. So an anti-stalking law is automatically an anti-gangstalking law.)

The other problem is enforcement, and the RCMP has notably failed to enforce even those relevant laws which Canada has.

However, if Canada, or at least Alberta, has some variation on the English Common law offence of wilful misconduct in a public office, you should be able to file a criminal complaint against an officer who refuses to register a criminal complaint.

Medawar said...

Apologies if "Free Anti Virus Download" is a genuine commentator, but somehow it didn't seem that way.

Anonymous said...

Government Gang Stalking is very real and I have been a real victim for 10+ years.

anthony monnier said...

I live in Greenville Ohio I have been gang stalked for over 20 years now how do I go about finding a way to have these people convicted?

Medawar said...

For Anthony Monnier:

In theory, you complain to the FBI and they investigate.

In practice, you have to provide them with enough evidence to convince them there's some point in looking for evidence, and that a crime which fall within their jurisdiction, has been committed.

It's also quite apparent that local field offices, to which you are supposed to complain, are capable of mis-filing complaints.


The order in which you communicate things is crucial as is the way you describe them.

"stalking" and "group stalking" are widely understood by the general public, but that's not how law enforcement officials are trained to describe the sort of things that happen to a stalking victim.

E-mail and online communications with the FBI are characterised by them as "tips" which means they may not have the status of formal complaints.

So submit a complaint in writing to your local FBI field office, with the address of that office at the top and CC FBI national headquarters below that, making it clear to anybody reading it that a copy has been sent to Quantico even as they read it.

Don't start with "I have been stalked for twenty years" because that presses a button in their heads marked "local police should handle it".

Start with: "Dear Sir.
I believe that I am the victim of an ongoing conspiracy to deny me my civil, constitutional and legal rights, especially the right to enjoy my property, exercise my freedom of speech, carry on my normal lawful trade(s), contrary to USC 18 section 241, which falls within the jurisdiction of the FBI. I have become aware of an increasing number of (sometimes intentionally bizarre)activities intended to deny my my civil, constitutional and legal rights over the course of the past twenty years.

Initially, I could not see what it was all in aid of, but a pattern gradually emerged but I wasn't aware of the offender's objectives for some time, and neither was I aware of which law enforcement body was responsible for helping me, nor under what law it would be best to work.

I now wish to make a complaint that I am the victim of a conspiracy to deny me my various rights, as described under USC18 section 241, and here are the basic facts and what supporting evidence I can gather.

I am copying in the FBI's national headquarters as an insurance against loss or mishandling of this letter, but I expect this matter to be investigated by my local field office in the first instance, as it properly should.

Then a description of the harassment in chronological order, with references to any attached evidence. If at all possible, every piece of which must be duplicated in the copy sent to the FBI's national headquarters.

Post the letters on the same day, but preferably not in the same town and certainly not in the same post office.

It isn't your job to convict the criminals: it's the FBI's job to protect your rights as a citizen.

Emphasize any harassment intended to make it difficult for you to practise your normal trade or employment, anything which stops you expressing your views via the local press, and anything which stops you attending a place of worship. If you were in Texas, the Rangers should in theory protect your right to earn your living, but in all states the FBI have a mandate to protect trade as well as civil rights etc.

You also have a right to enjoy your own property, so anything which interferes with that. Perhaps, after a general precis, you do headings saying how the criminals interfere with each category of your rights.

Anonymous said...

I've decided not to take that route you suggested I had the letters all made out and thought to my self they would just jump on the bandwagon so I've decided just wait out the storm and hope for the best

Anonymous said...

The Chain of command is is implemented via FBI homeland security using sub contractors such as citizen watch programs that claim to be above the law with FBI blessing!

Medawar said...

This is something that UK has managed to avoid, so far, but the Cameron government clearly has ambitions to involve contractors like G4S (of the Olympics Fiasco) and Serco (of the recent corruption scandal) in law enforcement as well as prisoner transport.

Probably, no country has sabotaged its own military, intelligence and law enforcement capability more thoroughly than the United States has in recent years, largely by using pretty much the same universal contractor responsible for blowing the Deepwater Horizon oil rig to kingdom come.

Florida CAT TRAP said...

I now refer to this as chasing. I cracked my case wide open. It's getting hostile now. Thank you for your brilliant postings which gave me hope when there was often none

Florida CAT TRAP said...

While I was cracking this case of mine, I discovered SO MUCH. I also believe that tangentially I have discovered the root and reason of the foreclosure "faux" crisis. ALL THE SAME PLAYERS.

Please google They also pulled an illegal foreclosure on our home in another state while the main harassment went on in FL and anywhere we traveled. please google that above just as I gave it to you and then NOTE: HE IS ALREADY ON MY BLOG... but that is JUST THE NEW evidence that arose. I have THEE EVIDENCE proving it is all the same people.... it starts with bilzerian in california and extends to his father and his murderous associates in Avila Tampa FL

Florida CAT TRAP said...

WHOOF I made a DEFINITE CONNECTION TO MDs GROCERS #publix #kroger #foodcity. THEIR ATTORNEYS MEDAWAR GOOGLE TOP 500 inhouse counsel NOT THE .pdf. THE .xls. THESE, besides and including the masons and mennonites and others stacked in every profession involved ARE THE MAIN PLAYERS. These corporate masters. EVERY SINGLE ENTITY OR PERSON INVOLVED has SOMEONE ON THAT LIST. THIS IS THE BEGINNING AND THE END OF EVIL. Thank you again and always so so so much. Please tell VOCCT that I am ON THE UPS And truly BELIEVE that she and I can help each other.

OH ALSO her theory of private property grabs nearly exactly matches MY OWN and, as well, I found a similar hospital/medical type situation as she describes that an old friend was murdered out of the house therein. I like these med things and the many CANCER CENTERS which have sprung up to your basic gulag from which you feel free to come and go but where which they are definitely legally killing folks. THAT, the ASSET SEIZURE and the TRAINED DOGS they use can only spell one thing: NAZI. I am deadly damned serious. If you google and read about the Jill Kelley thing and her DOD shit and all the folks she had access to INCLUDING A SHIRTLESS FBI ASSWIPE AT THE DROP OF AN OH MY GOSH EMAIL... I also DEFINITIVELY TIED THE CIA DOJ AND FBI TO IT WITH PROOF. BADA F'IN BING my friend.

Florida CAT TRAP said...

LIKE above should say LIKEN ... as in I LIKEN IT TO >>>>

The Skeptical Atheist said...


I am concerned about the potential for use of technology to conduct unethical research and/or influence the behavior of others through the use of brain scanning technology. I have personally experienced this phenomenon and am willing to publicly share my experiences with others. I can be contacted directly at 907.598.5433.

I also believe there may be other victims of this phenomenon in my local community. Through internet research I have become aware of various forms and methods of employing such techniques. Two different subjects I researched include Voice to Skull (Gang stalking) and an experiment conducted by the United States Navy into non-verbal communication through implanting a device into a person (possibly without their consent) to study the possibility of different forms of communication.

There may also be some type of cult influence involved. I was previously a member of a cult in Soldotna, Alaska known as the Apostolic Assembly of Jesus Christ (

Again, I am more than willing to share my personal experiences with anyone willing to listen.

William Bahl

Medawar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Medawar said...

Not sure how wise it is to post a phone number.

The blog author will remove it, if anyone reports it as problematical.

It's worth observing that "Voice to Skull" is neither science fiction nor especially high tech, more brute tech: it works like early (1979-ish) home computer speech synthesis, in that it's a series of "clicks" which we manage to interpret as a natural sound because we smooth out the signal envelope. The clicks are achieved by firing quite high-powered RF pulses at the recipient, especially the head, and this generates clicks in the inner ear directly. The mark/space between the clicks is varied to create the auditory illusion of a natural sound wave at much lower (audible) frequencies.

RF this strong aimed at someone's head is a health risk in itself, regardless of any psychological impact of the messages carried.

This experience can easily be misrepresented as a symptom of schizophrenia, discrediting the victim and possibly getting them sectioned or committed, and that's usually the motive for anyone doing it.

The technology involved is well within the reach of cults and criminal gangs, so it doesn't mean there's a government anything involved here, and as Skeptical Atheist names a cult, Medawar wouldn't normally look very much further for the culprits.

Unless the cult itself had some well-organized foes, of course.

Anonymous said...

For example, in July of 2013 JPMorgan paid $410 million to settle allegations that the bank manipulated wholesale electricity prices for several years, resulting in inflated energy bills for millions of households. In addition, the bank allegedly engaged in unfair billing practices for credit card “add-on products” by charging customers for credit monitoring services that they did not receive.

LOOK !!!!! What I have stated for over five years IS NOW A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT.

It is the fucking banks.

Our bill doubled THEN TRIPLED on a house where we cooled no more than the size of the avg hotel room.


Also I believe they use those smart meters (and not the ones they call 'smart' but the even lower level of 'smart' meter... I hope you can follow me. When you call to complain about the meter and want it removed they say OH POOH POOH that is NOT a SMART METER that is just a meter we can read from the road. HELLO I HAVE WATCHED YOU READ MY METER FROM THE CORNER FOR TEN YEARS .... they just about BROKE IN to install the 'smart' but 'not THAT KIND of SMART" meter...
all around that sprung up CISCO ROUTERS. THEN a BASELINE SPY on my laptop. Then they started DELETING my obvious impending lawsuit against PUBLIX. whatever they do with that smart meter causes your eyes to become HAUNTED and your skin all dried out and your hair all frizzed and fried... then also they can make you very sleepy with it... I do not know how I am merely describing some of the symptoms which abated when we left that house..... were not present in THIS house and then BECAME PRESENT when they claimed (while we were out of state) that they hadn't received our 20.00 payment when we had down a 300 deposit and THEN ... they installed the 'not so smart' meter at THE NEW HOUSE and when we returned it was HERE they used that excuse we KNOW they got that payment. NOW they are doing the same things as in TAMPA surging us and our electric bill tripled and then quadrupled. It is MORE THAN OUR HOUSE PAYMENT THEN they filed the illegal foreclosure THEN they filed ILLEGAL FORECLOSURE TWO. Lerner Sampson Rothfuss alot of the harassment and mail stems from plano texas thought you'd appreciate an update.


Bruce Graeme said...

Most of the individual incidents that comprise gang stalking are short and, taken by themselves, perfectly legal. It could be as simple as driving in front of someone with an oddly personal (to them) bumper sticker on, putting on the brights while driving behind someone, making an odd comment within earshot of someone, jostling someone in line or in the street, everyone around the victim always jingling their keys, or calling someone from a throwaway phone once or twice and hanging up. Some person participating in gang-stalking could rationalize it by thinking they didn't do anything illegal.

Medawar said...

There has been an harassment case in the UK, where the judge ruled that any "innocent" action could constitute criminal harassment if it was repeated often enough.

But, yes, the stooges can rationalize their behaviour as "legal" or "justified" in all sorts of ways.

Somewhat worryingly, the "UNITE" trades union in the UK, has been adopting gang-stalking tactics with what it calls "leverage" teams which mob the private homes of company managers and even the children of company managers. This almost certainly isn't legal under either English or Scottish law, but it hasn't been properly tested yet. This is likely to result in fresh legislation.

The Leverage Teams were actually sponsored by the socialist-leaning millionaire owner of a telecoms company. (The usual mass of self-contradiction there!)

What a "Leverage Team" does would definitely be illegal under USC 18 section 241 in the United States and probably constitutes "conspiracy to blackmail" under English law, because there's a clear linkage between giving into a demand which will cause a financial loss, and the harassment ceasing.

Blackmail in England is defined by the victim's loss rather than the perpetrator's gain. This is useful as most stalkers can plausibly deny that they are harassing people for profit.

Anonymous said...

I am happy to learn of the specific law(s) around gang stalking which I now call social engineering. This Targeted Individual experienced the same as many other respondents--my personal weaknesses were exploited to achieve financial, emotional and physical ruin in Oak Clif. This area of Dallas, TX, is now a center for gang stalking style unstructured collaboration. All the same technologies such as voice2skull, body manipulation, implanted biomedical devices along with strange linguistic patterns employed by Presencing actors whose goal it is to make the Targeted Incificual feel uncomfortable. The super objective of these folks is not directly spoken and never made entirely clear.

I would shrug it off and walk away had it not been for $40k stolen not to mention five years of my life. The most infuriating thing about all of it is my love/hate relationship with the people involved and also my family. I am disgusted at the overreach into other people's lives. Tomorrow, I will feel better about the hole thing.

Anonymous said...

People being gang stalked should look into encoding their stories on the Bitcoin block chain.

The block chain is essentially a ledger which is distributed amongst all computers running bitcoin wallet software. When a person installs and runs this software it immediately starts downloading this (huge) file on to their machine.

The blockchain is a ledger containing records for every bitcoin transaction that has ever taken place. Once the file has been downloaded, the file is updated automatically and by the nature of the bitcoin protocol is the SAME on all computers.

Ordinary ASCII messages can be encoded into the addresses of bitcoin transactions. Once these messages are sent via a transaction, they can not be removed or altered. They will remain on the bitcoin network long as bitcoin exists.

There is a website called CryptoGraffiti which further explains this and offers a service to place messages.

Anonymous messages could be placed...

Purchase a 30 Giga hash miner for around $200. Go to bitcoinAddressdotorg and download its bitcoin address generator html page on to a machine that is not connected to the internet. Use this to create a new bitcoin address (public and private key). Import these into a wallet app.

Use a service like Elegius to anonymously send mined coins to this address. Once you have enough coins to send one message... Currently 0.00005500 bitcoins or about 35 cents per 20 bytes, then you send that amount to the ascii encoded address.

You can use the cryptograffiti service to build a list of message encoded addresses then import these into your wallet app. Once you've sent coins to all the addresses in order, then your message is "out there" and will always be associated with the address you sent it from.

To read these messages, someone would have to convert the addresses from a block chain explorer site from hex back into ascii.

I'm betting that sites like CryptoGraffiti will become more popular over time and will incorporate features to search the block chain for messages the same way we use google to search the internet. Assuming of course that bitcoin does not go the way of the Dodo :)

Even if the messages cant be easily read now, it IS an almost guaranteed way of ensuring your story will be available and uncorrupted from now on.

Medawar said...

Adding messages to bitcoins is a new one as far as Medawar is concerned. However, if technically feasible, it's the equivalent of the Iranian practice of writing the names of victims of the Revolutionary Guards and allied militia onto banknotes.

In one case, images of a young woman killed by the authorities were stenciled onto banknotes and circulated. Ir's quite hard for the authorities to counter this.

Tom said...

I have been stalked by the USPS for 3 1/2 years. Can someone help me, tell me what to do ?

Anonymous said...

Organized Stalking / Gang Stalking in Chennai, India starts as Cyberstalking.
I am a Targeted Individual for the past 6 years.There are very tough laws against stalking and cyberstalking and harassment in Every country in the world.
The problem is this is a crime designed to leave little or no evidence and to make the complaining victim sound 'Crazy'
They can influence not only the Police but also the courts.
But yes filing complaints and going to courts does leave a 'Paper trial' which is important in bringing this evil down.
Great Blog, keep up the good work.

Organized Stalking Chennai City

Medawar said...

Medawar has decided not to publish an anonymous comment which consisted solely of a link to a webpage "Aryan Street." Having an issue with the state of Israel is one thing, and so is having issues with extreme Zionist organizations in the USA, but the content doesn't distinguish between these and the general Jewish population.

It's a bit too much to allow an anonymous poster and could allow this blog, and stalking victims generally, to be presented as extremists themselves which isn't the case.

jefffery said...

:its good 2 have US law clarified. who is. lookinng at laws when your desperate 4
money 4 some are eazly posesed and your. there meal tickt in Moore ways than 1 and gives you power. be not afraid. of these dripworms thay are no longer human and there treatlng you as are not, here ln ridgcreast calif the gangstalkers think that own this town.when ever I'm not in an electronic stopped inform any body. I can the more who know is more protection.

Jesse Akaike said...

Why couldn't Europe stop a blatant attack against humanity in the form of genocide and fascism? Essentially it is the same reason why white Americans committed genocide against the Indians and enslaved people. Never mind colors or culture or ethnicity. Now we face another monstrosity called organized stalking. What is the problem? The problem is that truth is never in the history books. John F. Kennedy's assassination even when district attorney of New Orleans tried put one of the conspirators in jail and Oliver Stone made a movie, JFK, which essentially exposed why, what and when. Now why isn't there any big law firms and detective agencies to bring justice to the organized stalking victims. Well it's because the ordinary folks are satisfied to read The Diary of Anne Frank and The Nuremberg Trials and think when they said you had to know, they were not talking about you.

Unknown said...

I live in Dallas too and have been gangstalked here since 2012. I plan to expose them but its really hard to prove. It seems to be infested in Dallas. If you want to talk more or interested in protesting against it email me at

Unknown said...

I've been gangstalked in Dallas and inner cities areas since 2012 and wondered if anybody has the same problem locally. At first I didn't know what it was but found out through research online. If you want to talk more or help expose this crime email me at

Anonymous said...

Let me add an interesting experience to gang stalking, which I have been targeted with since about late Feb, 2015. I live in a rural location outside of Houston, TX in San Jacinto County. I live on a tract of less than 20 acres in a forested area. I have a 7' high fence around about 1 acre where I have my trailer I live in. A married couple lives in a separate RV with me on my property.

Most new 5th wheel trailers have a 2-part DVD system. There is a built-in unit and a facia piece that plugs into the built-in. The facia clips in on the right end, and then clips in on the left in, in that order. To remove it there is a small plastic knob you physically push in. That pops out the left-hand side of the facia unit and can then remove it for storage. There is no remote control to accomplish this task. I leave the facia unit unclipped at night because it contains the blue lights and knobs for operating the DVD. The blue lights are simply too bright for me to ignore and fall asleep.

Every morning for many months I would walk out the front door of my trailer in the morning. Take a left turn, walk about 20 yards, unlock and open a gate and then feed my chickens. I would then exit thru the same gate, retrace my steps to my trailer, walk another ten yards to the main gate and unlock it. Then, I would walk back to the front door, open it and reenter my trailer.

One morning after following my routine and having unlocked the front gate, I then retraced my steps to my front door. I opened the door and the facia piece had been clipped in and the blue lights were on.

This has happened 5 times on my property in the past 8 months or so.

It generally takes 5 minutes to exit my trailer, feed the chickens, unlock the front gate and return to my front door.

So, in about 5 minutes someone entered my trailer, plugged the facia piece in to the DVD built-in.

At least two things I have concluded from these experiences:

1. I am being watched 24/7, both inside and outside my trailer (I am convinced there are at least two individuals on my property, 24/7 watching me - the last thing they want is for me to set a bear trap that will rip off one of their legs if they are unfortunate enough to step on it); and,

2. Because of this and other similar events that number in the many, many dozens, these folks have a cloaking technology.

There are no trees in my 1 acre primary tract. There's a 7' fence surrounding the 1 acre tract. The gates were always locked at night. I was out of view of my front door for less than 2 minutes that morning. I looked around and found nobody inside the perimeter of the 1 acre tract.

I have investigated this technology. It exists. Several countries have developed it. The US was apparently using this technology in Iraq about 10 years ago. A Canadian company has offered its cloaking technology, Quantum Stealth is the products name (so look it up if it is of interest), to the Canadian and US militaries, and the company that developed it, HyperStealth, is apparently a respected global manufacturer of military camouflage:

I'm fairly sure these gang banger stalkers are using some type of audio projection technology; not voice to skull.

Unknown said...

I'm being watched 24/7 now I'm facing criminal charges for calling for calling the police on harassment charges on the road other vehicles trying to run my semi tractor trailer off the road when the police got to where I was parked and proceeded to assault me and lock me up saying I was obstructing the law, 2012. They took me all the way to Elko Nevada need to find a lawyer that will help I lost my job tractor and trailer so what the hell's going on in this world now

Unknown said...

I'm being watched 24/7 now I'm facing criminal charges for calling for calling the police on harassment charges on the road other vehicles trying to run my semi tractor trailer off the road when the police got to where I was parked and proceeded to assault me and lock me up saying I was obstructing the law, 2012. They took me all the way to Elko Nevada need to find a lawyer that will help I lost my job tractor and trailer so what the hell's going on in this world now

Anonymous said...

Gang Stalking does exist. Our trees have been slashed and painted, a tractor plowed paths and destroyed young saplings. The police say they know, but do nothing, and when we are upset they treat us as if we are crazy or state that it is above their pay grade. We put up no trespassing and have to keep replacing them. Cars pass me on the wrong side to push me over at intersections. We have been told if we go over these people's heads it will get worse and it has. Even medical conditions have been misdiagnosed. We have all the evidence and yet no one can help, they are afraid they will be next.

Anonymous said...

Still being gang stalked? I'm currently being gang stalked its funny people know but don't like to talk about it

D.S. said...

Thank you for this information. I am going to approach our local FBI field office with knowledge of this law. I have been and continue to be blatantly stalked by Louisville-Metro police, St. Matthew's police and Jefferson County sheriff's. They don't even try to hide it so I have video and photographs. As well, they are sitting in empty parking lots along the path of where I'm going; which is to say they are listening to my phone calls and my conversations in my own home. Others who stalk me are Confederate flaggers flying their flags from pick-up trucks and Harley riders. So, the local law enforcement are importing this extremist hate group into our once lovely city to participate in organized crime. There is another victim here in Louisville and she's a black woman. She gets messages left on her phone saying things like, "Die f---ing n---er!" So, it's obviously the same people given some of my stalkers' love for the Confederate flag. I have approached the ACLU, the Government Accountability Project and the Southern Poverty Law Center for help and got shunned by all of them. I write to Senators and never hear back. It's stunning. I'll never look at humanity the same.

Medawar said...

Good luck to DS with the FBI and please tell us how it goes.

Unknown said...

Read a stalkers Journal!

Medawar said...

It should be noted that the material on Mr Reece's link, above, is some years old and hasn't been proved to be the truth behind all organised stalking, if any. A lot of organised stalking is done by criminal gangs, pure and simple.

Even if everything in the material on this link were true, the stalking would still represent a crime under USC18 section 241, as detailed above.

Unknown said...

This is the same thing that's happening to me. I really need help, and a lawyer

Medawar said...

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a lawyer willing to take on this kind of case. The various civil liberties organisations which provide lawyers to people with discrimination problems, all seem to have taken a decision not to help stalking victims. Hopefully, this will change.

Anonymous said...

It is very hard to believe that something like this is happening to American citizens for no f****** reason they're frying me as I speak into this f****** phone they almost killed me on the f****** freeway they follow me everywhere there frying me with electronic weapons I need this to stop immediately or somebody's going to f****** die what's this all about anyways can't would get this to stop put these f****** Behind Bars this is ridiculous don't they got a f****** life of their own can't they leave mine alone

Unknown said...

I need an attorney asap

Barkers World said...

I'm on it.

Immanuel Goldstein said...

Good luck using this law for anything. I tried to use it in federal court against a guilty party complicit in my interstate gang stalking. The federal court disregarded this part of my suit due to claim that I cannot sue based on a criminal statute. A citizen can only use federal court to sue, what else can we do in federal court, besides be prosecuted? This, like any other statute, only gets used if the feds are desperate to get some people and have nothing else. Gang stalking victims are not the priority we would like to be with LEO.

Medawar said...

The law is there for the Feds to use, and it does give the FBI jurisdiction. But it can be difficult to make them believe that their right to use it is actually a DUTY.There have been some prosecutions, however, usually where the stalking is obviously connected with local police corruption. See post on Mingo County.

In most parts of the UK, members of the public and charities have the right to bring private criminal prosecutions, which is an important safeguard against government abuse. The Blair regime clearly didn't like this, but obviously realized that they couldn't change such a fundamental part of the law without someone asking just WHY they needed to stop private prosecutions of, perhaps, senior public figures?

In England and Wales, the only crime you can't bring a private prosecution for is "incitement to racial hatred" and this is frustrating, because the Attorney General never seems to endorse official prosecutions for anti-white racism, which is now absolutely rife in certain circles and increasingly socially dangerous.

In England and Wales, a private prosecution for blackmail might be the best basis on which to fight gang stalking through the courts, because the legal definition of blackmail in England is "inflicting a loss" rather than "making a gain". Stalking is almost always done with the apparent intention of preventing the victim from doing something they've a right to do, so blackmail applies.

As does the law of criminal trespass: The Thatcher regime passed a change to the law on criminal trespass which makes it an offence for people, even on a piece of land where they have permission to be, to obstruct, interrupt or threaten a legal activity on adjoining land. This is probably better than the criminal trespass laws in most American states, though in this case you're almost always dealing with state or county rather than federal laws.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Where can a report that would be taken seriously reported if you have no definite culprits or outlets they have made threats on (central Texas area)

Medawar said...

If you have no definite culprits, and the whole point of stalking is to keep things vague, you have to keep records of what happens and when -and gradually build up a picture of who is about at those times.

Medawar was harassed for years and it was very difficult to work out who by. Then a newspaper printed a two page-spread photograph of all the activists involved in the animal rights campaign at the other end of the country which culminated in the grave of Gladys Hammond being robbed and her remains stolen and held for ransom. Medawar had seen every one of those pictured soon before or after acts of harassment, but at the time there was nothing to distinguish them from other people just going past. But then, suddenly, they had at least a group identity and a group portrait in the public domain to which reference could be made.

So keep gathering data -and keep an eye out for newspaper and online articles about harassment campaigns in other parts of the country, because activists tend to move about a lot. This is harder in the US than the UK, because the US does not really have national newspapers in the same way.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Medawar said...

Health warning.
It was impossible to know if the comment received on 27/10/2019 from unknown/"Arturo" was genuine, trolling, spam or some other kind of unpleasantness. It contained what appeared to be a US telephone number which Medawar is unable to verify.

This could represent a risk to the poster, or to anyone who attempts to provide the help requested.

So the comment is removed because it's potentially dangerous in one way or another. The number might be genuine but belonging to some unsuspecting person who is not a TI or anything like it, or otherwise devised to cause much trouble.

Medawar said...
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