Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Conspiracy in Mingo County Virginia

A corrupt group of officials, including a sheriff and county judge from Mingo county (West Virginia) have been jailed for various crimes, including conspiracy to deny a citizen his constitutional rights. This is the very law, USC 18 section 241, which Medawar identified as a useful anti-gangstalking law for dealing with powerful people subverting the law to enable corruption, which is what a lot of gangstalking amounts to. Although in the end, stalking usually acts as a substitute for murdering the victim, or a stepping stone to murdering the victim. All stalking should be treated as unrequited murder.

US citizens trying to get the FBI to deal with this kind of crime, now have a useful precedent and example of the FBI using the right law and getting the right result. They have jurisdiction and they have effective legislation. And no further excuses.


Jud Witham said...
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DEFEAT corrupt gangstalking said...

All gang stalked victims need to come together and STAND to defeat this corrupt disgusting tyrranical law enforcement that is criminal in nature and commits crimes against humanity without reason or cause.