Monday, 30 December 2013

Missing Z Cars

The "Z Cars Theme" post has been reverted to draft, pending the completion of the criminal investigation and legal proceedings. More will be said then.

Update as of 15/09/2016.
Greville Janner was too ill to be prosecuted and died before a trial of the facts could be held. It is apparent that there were several chances to prosecute him for child abuse years before, when he was perfectly fit to stand trial, but these were squandered and there is now an investigation into whether or not detectives involved committed crimes themselves by not investigating properly. It has to be said that there was huge lobbying from parliamentarians, prominently including the now disgraced Keith Vaz,  at the time to forestall any prosecution.

Because there is still a faint chance of policemen and prosecutors facing criminal charges, that's as much as Medawar can say for the time being.

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