Friday, 19 October 2012

Evidence That Ray Adams Recruited Hackers In the Nineties

This link is to an article revealing interesting information about the role of former Chief Superintendent Ray Adams in the recruitment of hackers (the actual job title!) for the Murdoch company, NDS, based in Israel.

Readers who have read the Brown Moses blog article, might then want to re-read this article, from Medawar's Cornflakes. And then perhaps this article, too.

It is worth noting that Saad Al Hilli, too, was an expert in many technical subjects, including the rather specialist field of encryption of satellite communications, which is the very discipline for which Mr Adams was so busy recruiting hackers for NDS in the late nineties. This link is to a recent Daily Mail article about the brutal murder of Mr Al Hilli, his wife and mother-in-law, and the attempted murder of his older daughter. (Not to mention the ordeal suffered by his younger daughter, who spent hours hiding under her mother's dead body.)

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