Sunday, 1 May 2011

Global TAC, LLC

This appears to be an anonymous proxy service, based in Las Vegas, which allows people to access blogs, websites, etc. without leaving their own IP. Sort of online stalker's toolkit, doubtless in Las Vegas to better serve the Mob.

Anonymous, and indeed unrecorded, that is, until they store a complete page on their desktop "to read later" and then click on the article title when they do. This promptly tells Medawar that:


They are called Sean and they are an idiot.

Look! It's a blog, people are supposed to be able to read it! Skulking in using webtools designed to hide your IP, just makes you look like a stalker or a terrorist. As long as you don't leave threats or self-serving lies in the comments section, Medawar doesn't mind people reading the articles. If Medawar was keeping a secret, would he be publishing it on his blog?


Anonymous said...

So you get that your little article about anonymous proxies is just weird given your profile that you have keep your identity secret or bad stalker people will be out to get you?

Are you 12? Or just mentally ill?

Medawar said...

If anonymous had paused long enough to read the article before attempting to leave proof of his own maturity, he would have seen that it's actually about the stupidity of using a proxy in order to visit a blog anonymously, storing a copy of that blog on the desktop of their own (named) profile, and then trying to read that stored blog later on without the proxy engaged, whereupon their browser promptly revisted the site to refresh the page: gifting more information than they would have left if they had visited in the first place without masking their own IP, and certainly attracting a lot more attention!

Using proxies just alerts webmasters and blog-owners to the fact that you might be up to no good: most people who don't use them, go completely unnoticed.

There is a mental illness, associated with instant sweeping assumptions that everyone other then oneself is stupid, immature or mad, for not apparently doing as oneself might. This is meglomania.