Friday, 2 July 2010

Vocational Stalkers

Any UK and near-Continent victims of stalking, whether ostensibly Animal Rights related or not, should take a look at the faces in this Daily Mail Article. (Most stalking victims have no idea why they are being stalked, those stalking them are usually so deranged as to believe that the victims are so "knowingly evil" that they not only understand why they are being stalked, but secretly accept that they deserve it.)

Medawar would be interested to hear from anyone who's seen any of these faces in stalking incidents, regardless of what cause, if any, the stalking seems to be in aid of. Should it transpire that any of them are paid money for stalking, and this is not unknown, then, as far as the Unemployment Service are concerned, they have a job, and action could be taken against them. One is reminded of the hapless individual, described by George Orwell, in Wigan in the 1930s, who fed his neighbour's chickens when they were away and was reported to the dole office by another neighbour as "having a job feeding chickens". Medawar wants to avoid that kind of petty injustice, but if someone is using state benefits to sustain themselves whilst spending each and every day skipping along the edges of the criminal law to make someone's life hell, there's not a taxpayer in the land who wouldn't want to see them stopped.

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