Saturday, 23 January 2010

Identifiable Nutters Behind Organized Stalking

A Canadian lady suggests that a millionaire (and pathological liar) with intelligence and police contacts, has been in the organized stalking game for thirty five years. This, incidentally, makes her the first blogger on the subject ever to posit a timeframe that accorded with Medawar's experience of stalking. (Since in the early seventies, extreme right wing and animal rights groups tended to have many members in common, it's still hard to say exactly where it was all coming from.)

That would fit, in a way, because very often stalking involves the use of police and intelligence resources, but it is turned to such a destructive and destabilizing end as to be completely at odds with the reason and purpose of any institution of state security.

Intelligence and Security services are, if anything, reactionary. Now, Liberals have made the word "reactionary" a shorthand for all evil, but it does what it says on the tin, and persecuting people who do not break the law is not a reactionary act: it is subversive.

See also Medawar's Comment on Terri Hansen's Article.

It would be very nice to know if "Cyril R." has anything to do with animal rights groups, some of which have a great deal of power in Canada, although they are currently in retreat in the UK due to universal revulsion at campaigns including grave-robbing and arson as well as an awful lot of stalking. Medawar wonders if "Cyril R." has ever given money to SHAC, PETA or IFAW, for instance?


Anonymous said...

I am camping along the coast to research a news story on ocean acidification. The stalkers had a plan: they rigged my van to pump in compressed gas. The van begins vibrating, my hands turn icy, and the amount of gas that forms in my body is enormous, and severely painful, causing extreme cramping in my midsection, and rising gas that burns my throat before continuous belches and burps. I noted the problem "out loud," and hmmm, it stopped. So my cell phone is rigged as a listening device, too. Heard of that one, Medawar, compressed gas? Thanks much. Also my article ran in Indian Country Today, and newspaper I report for, and generated a lot of comments.


Medawar said...

Medawar was going to say no, but there IS something at the back of his mind.

It's not unlike one of Josef Mengele's pressure chamber experiments.

Also, see "We" by Yevgeny Zamyatin: "The Benefactor" tortures dissidents with a pressure chamber. Although the fabulous city of the future is based on Newcastle in general and Jesmond in particular, most of the things in the novel are based on early 20th century things that the author knew.

Medawar suspects that this novel is what inspired Mengele.

Phosphine does all kinds of things to gastric enzymes, but there can't have been more than a trace or this would be a ghost comment, of course.

Apart from simple compressed air, Medawar thinks that argon or nitrogen are likely, mainly because you didn't die. The former might be found in specialist welding shops. The pressure differential can't have been more than a fraction of one psi, or the van doors would have tended to blow open. However, if rapidly applied, this is sufficient to cause a lot of trouble.