Monday, 27 April 2009

Please Go Petition

Some Cornflakers will have read about the petition on the Downing Street Website, posted by a man from Hitchin, calling on Gordon Brown to resign.

The Guardian had an article about this, but the link was to the Downing Street website in general, and even on the petitions page, you have to know what you're asking for in order to make it find you the petition to ask Mr Brown to resign.

Medawar offers no opinion on whether or not anyone should sign, but did think it was silly for the papers to publicise this and not provide a link that went straight there.

(The photograph is because news about the decline of the British Butterfly population has given Medawar the Chalk Hill Blues.)

PS: the petition now has in excess of 71,300 signatures, placing it in a more prominent position on the Downing Street Website. Medawar thinks that this is why some petitions attract incredibly large numbers of signatures once they pass a certain threshold.

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