Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Stasi methods.

Medawar recommends that anyone baffled by Eva's comments about organised stalking actually being a NATO conspiracy, should click here.

There are two articles, both worth reading.

The first shows the sort of thing the Stasi did before the fall of communism, the second shows how it is working now, through organised stalking, to make democracy fail as well.

The Stasi was (and evidently still is) a exemplar of the coercive social model. This makes it a natural ally of exponents of the corrupt economic model. Democracy will be their target as much as capitalism. Because in the long run, everyone stops voting for a kleptocracy.

Don't be fooled into thinking that they are trying to "bring down the establishment" or otherwise refresh the wells of goodness: they want to obliterate your rights as an individual, in order to make a blaggard's Arcadia for a privileged very few.


Anonymous said...

In the USA, other than the mafias connecting with interlinking favor systems, I don't believe the stalking groups operate as one organization as the Stasi was in Germany.

Here there are loose and well-organized gangs, and we have many forms of hate groups. The leader might be a lawyer––even minister, while the street workers might be otherwise unemployed. The system seems to operate on a wink-and-nod, or word-of-mouth system.

The reason so many blame the government or CIA is because the government has been documented to have used organized crime groups to perform some of it's tasks. And certain people affiliated with the CIA were documented to have brought drugs into this country for distribution. There are many rumors regarding military intelligence, retired CIA and their involvement with underworld activities.

A long list of rumors regarding the JFK assassination, Nixon's associations with the mafia, organized crime and Washington D.C. connections to Las Vegas makes some Americans suspicious of the government.

There are certain Americans who suspect a vast, and general corruption among these ruling elites who continue to ransack the country financially, and enrich themselves, while politicians watch and allow American jobs moved overseas.

Political persecutions and prosecutions do exist in the USA. A person targeted is often helpless because of the vast power, camaraderie, and financial backing in politics.

It's the government's rumored and documented activities that's mixed military, CIA, and investments with organized crime that's weakened the public's trust and driven many to believe conspiracy theories.

For a targeted person, each case would have to be examined individually to discover which organization was focusing on his/her destruction.

The cause prompting stalkers might be race, religion, personal beliefs (like abortion,) or Science (groups like ALF and PETA.)

The cause could be vengeance, or to intimidate a witness or prevent exposure of underlying crimes found so often in the drug and mob worlds.

Many varying reasons, the person stalked has to ask himself, "What makes me so special?"

One concluding he were important enough to warrant the attention of the CIA––or NATO must surely have information regarded as a global threat.

Medawar said...

Medawar's own personal observation suggests that in the UK there's a great deal of overlap between personnel in the ALF and certain druggie gangs. There is also a separate and significant faction within the ALF, which is strangely and bizarrely pro-paedophile -and has been since around 1979. This means that even if you see known ALF members amongst those harassing you, there's rather more than one possibility for why this is, especially as the ALF don't just hate people for being scientists: they hate them for being shooters, farmers, anglers, trawlermen or circus-artistes, too.

There are German anti-stalking groups who have concluded that the problem started there, largely because they see ex-Stasi personnel as well as tactics. However, they give a date for this kicking off, about five years after many British and North American targets began to be plagued. Almost as if the STASI all went abroad (to escape well-deserved retaliation?) immediately after the wall fell, effectively exporting the techniques (presumably for hire) to Britain, the USA and Canada, and then some of them returned to Germany a few years later, re-importing the problem in a stronger, more profit-orientated, form than it had been since the fall of communism.

It is all economically and socially damaging, so it must either be a criminal or a revolutionary group, unless government across the western world has gone completely loopy to the extent of systematically cutting its own throat.

That doesn't exclude the participation of A government, of course, but it's probably not our own.

Were there a government that saw itself as "The Third Rome"; effectively deserving to be the sole centre of world culture and leadership, however absurd that seemed to anyone outside that country, it might be motivated to encourage a wide spectrum of organized stalking groups, precisely because they are more or less guaranteed to bring about the downfall of the very social and economic order which many of these groups affect to protect.

It is worth noting that at least one traitor within the US Intelligence community, sold intelligence to a very major foreign power, because he was a member of Opus Dei and his order wanted him to do it. That would suggest, rather incredibly, that Opus Dei has actually bought into the "Third Rome" dogma!

(The second Rome was Constantinople. The third Rome is chillier than that. It also has sixty-three Casinos, apparently. Move over Las Vegas!)

Anonymous said...

Yes the Hansen spy was quite a shock. Recalling stories in the news indicated his wife, instead of notifying government authorities, had first notified the Catholic priest of her husband's espionage activities and at that the priest advised to keep the diamonds (or donate them to the church? recalling) and that nothing should be said.

Ironically, although the man is in prison for life, his wife and five children reportedly are enjoying his benefits, and life in the country he betrayed. It seems the USA has habits of rewarding her criminals, and surely Mr. Hansen will come out with a book from prison, soon!

In the USA if a man is rich from ill-gotten wealth, and has not been caught for illegal activities, he is the most powerful man in town, and for that might never be caught!

The man's character and integrity is less important than his bank account, that can purchase the rest.

Churches are folding here, because they have lost purpose, involved themselves in pettier politics, and courted the donations of criminals and hypocrites. They lost sight of truth, and have not addressed the more threatening negative elements of American society, including massive public corruption, corporate corruption, organized crime, broken families, gangs, poverty, and illegal drugs.

One of the bloodiest destroyers of mankind through the ages has been organized religions.

The question is, without organized religions and oppressive governments could the people finally live in peace?

John Lennon thought so.