Tuesday, 18 May 2021

"Havana Syndrome" and Covert Reading of RFID secure access passes

For five years now, the US Government has been trying to understand why diplomats, soldiers and indeed White House officials suddenly fall sick in particular locations. There has been speculation that the illness is the accidental effect of some kind of device intended to harvest data from cellphones or other mobile devices. However, those devices are all powered by batteries and do not need to be strongly energised by RF radiation (a plausible cause of the ill-effects) in order for data to be harvested.

RFID cards and tags, however, do need to be energised by an RF signal in order for them to be read, and if the intent is to read them at a significant distance, they need to be strongly energised.

In the past five years, "contactless" bank cards have become universal and these are RFID devices, and as far as Medawar knows, everyone of the suspected victims has a job requiring them to have an RFID pass of some kind to activate the security measures (which may also include biometrics once the process is triggered by the RFID device) which get them in and out of their place of work. Indeed, the two White House officials in recent reports were both in the process of gaining access to the White House site when they were struck down with a mystery illness.

One has to ask whether or not the SVR (to pick a suspect not at all at random) has an interest in either gaining access to America's most secure sites and diplomatic premises or identifying and tracking those who enjoy such access? Some entities would not want to seriously harm people just to read their data, but Russian state entities have a history of not caring tuppence about hurting or even killing people in the course of their daily activities.

When RFID access cards were first marketed in the eighties, the marketing suggested that they could work at fifty metres: this had a negative effect on user confidence so the advertised range was dialed down, and dialed down further once contactless RFID devices started to replace money and people made accidental payments for other people's bills. But all RFID devices can be read at a significant distance if strongly energised, via a directional aerial and the answering signal also read through a good directional aerial with a high-quality RF receiver attached.

Reading RFID devices is a prerequisite of cloning them!

Saturday, 15 May 2021

Let the Girls Speak

Readers interested in serial killers and the issue of whether some members of a community might even protect and assist one, may also be interested in this blog article by "Victims of Organized Crime In Central Texas".

Thursday, 25 March 2021

How to Contact Medawar


This procedure is only for things which are too important or too dangerous for the normal comments section. If you just want to vent, leave a normal comment.


Firstly, if you don't already have a free Protonmail.com account, create one.

Make sure you keep a note (just for yourself) of the address, log-in details etc!

Enable the advanced logging option, so that Protonmail.com will log the IP of anyone accessing your account. Other security settings are up to you, of course: do not use any which you cannot cope with, though. (Protonmail.com offers security options which only really work for highly-computer-literate people.) Check the log fairly regularly. If there's an IP which isn't yours, make a note of it and change your password.

Secondly, post a comment here on Medawar's Cornflakes, preferably starting with the words "secure communication, do not publish" and containing your new Protonmail.com email address. You should receive (may take a day or two and bear in mind that there might be a time-zone difference) a message from Medawar's Protonmail.com account (it's at its most secure when communicating between two accounts on the same platform) establishing communications. Once this has been done and messages have been exchanged, Medawar will delete your comment without it ever being published and without anyone without access to Medawar's accounts being able to see it. If you post a comment whilst logged in to Gmail, it can't be seen from that account unless Medawar publishes it, so this can get you out of a hole where someone snoops on your Gmail or whatever.

Thirdly, send any suspect IPs that access your Protonmail account to Medawar, preferably with a note of when (say what time zone the time is in!) and how much damage may have been done. Be careful about sending screenshots, because they might contain information that is private to you.

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

A Fresh look At The Death of Gareth Williams?

Following news that the Metropolitan Police Service is vaguely considering whether or not to follow up fresh forensic evidence in the Gareth Williams case, Medawar has considered whether to edit and update his nine-year old post "Money, Global Power and Gareth Williams". However, there's nothing about that post which has been proved wrong (because official inquiries have never even strayed in the general direction of Medawar's suspicions) or which is out of date, really, except perhaps the life/death status of some of the senior former MPS, Shin Bet and Mossad officers discussed in Medawar's original posts.

So here is a link to it!

And the links within the original post, are working as of 24/2/2021.

This post is less important, but worth a quick look too.

The following was added to the post @5:30AM on 25/2/2021:

Another of the tricks behind cover-ups and non-investigations, is to present the matter as a choice between two (or more) opposing theories, neither of which is true. In this case, Hamish Campbell, the former SIO in both the Gareth Williams and the Jill Dando cases, suggests that Gareth's death "was linked to his private life and not his work" with the implication being that it was all down to incredibly perverse sexual practices (which is another ploy for non-investigation.)

However, Gareth's "private life" largely consisted of more work, and this was true even before he joined the intelligence services. In the period 1996-2000 he was mainly gaming and hacking (in a competitive sort of way against other hackers), and this could actually have supplied him with information which made him more of a threat to powerful figures, "skilled in the black arts" than his later official work for the intelligence services would have done, because the latter was always subject to discipline and control from his superiors aimed at keeping him and the service out of danger.

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

How Can Organised Stalkers Afford to Do It?

The simple answer to a question which has perplexed victims and investigators of organised stalking for years is easily answered by the video below:

They can afford to stalk because they use someone else's money, and if you own shares in a big dotcom company, that money could well be yours!

The video also leaves those psychiatrists and policemen who argue that organised stalking never actually happens and that all the victims are deluded, with no place to hide except behind their own wall of baseless denial. 

However, the conspiracy theorists who claim that the involvement of big corporations in organised stalking is proof of a massive super-conspiracy may also be missing the point: 

There was a conspiracy in this case, between a fairly high-ranking executive who instigated it all because he felt the victims had affronted him personally by criticising E-bay, and other employees who appear to have enjoyed being ordered to persecute the victims, but who probably had no easy choice but to comply with the executive in any case. The stalking was not company policy and it definitely was not in the interests of the company or the shareholders, who may yet lose substantial monies from this. 

The explanation for this and probably most organised stalking that takes place in the world (no explanation ever covers every case!) is that the sort of sociopath who is moved to sadistically persecute and destroy innocent people for some perceived slight (which is rarely substantial), tends to seek positions of power that he can abuse. Just as paedophiles seek positions where they have control of children, such as in social services or residential education. In fact the mentalities are so similar that Medawar is confident that a fair proportion of the people directing organised stalking will also be paedophiles because that's the sort of personality that will be involved.

And because it is so important to them to occupy a position of power, they incline to extreme reactions whenever they, in that prestigious position, encounter opposition, criticism, or just unwelcome facts.

If the case in the video is what can happen when a sociopath has a position in an organisation with as little involvement in covert operations as E-Bay (it wasn't even the notorious Facebook or YouTube!) what do readers suppose might happen if the same sort of sociopath has a senior position in the police, or the FBI, or the CIA, or even your local hospital? Do the senior positions at the local Masonic Lodge actually go to the most upright and trustworthy men, which is what is supposed to happen, or to those driven to attain such positions by their own vanity, who are the ones most likely to turn the collective resources of the Lodge against those who, wittingly or unwittingly, prick their vanity?  

The other characteristic of organised stalking very clearly seen in this case is that the immediate reaction to possible discovery was not flight or denial, but a coordinated effort to frame other people for the crime.

One afterthought is this: given the reasoning laid out above, wouldn't it make a lot of sense if the Chinese Communist Party had been colonised by all the sociopaths in China? Officials being terrified of having to tell the truth, critics being suppressed with ridiculous levels of force, an institutionalised refusal to admit any fault or error whatsoever in any circumstances! Medawar has read a novel which advances just this theory.

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Learning the Wrong Lessons from the Murder of George Floyd

With regard to the murder of George Floyd: many people are determined to learn the wrong lessons.
Recently Medawar saw an answer on Quora which suggested, probably factually, that in a single month at the beginning of this year, American police managed to kill more people than British police had killed between 1900 and 2019.
Other answers had highlighted the apparent fear which American police had of American citizens and vice versa.
There is no way that American police have been running up such a huge body-count solely by killing black Americans who do not pose an imminent threat to the police or anybody else. They have to be killing white, brown and yellow Americans who do not pose an imminent threat to the police or anybody else as well.

There is something wrong, somewhere, in either the culture or training of American law enforcement officers which biases them towards killing people to a quite incredible extent compared to other countries. Whether this is paranoia, arrogance or just a conditioned reflex arising out of training procedures, or a combination of these, is unclear. But there is something badly wrong in the way that American police and citizens are reacting to each other and it is not solely about race.
If anyone wants to make comparisons between America and Apartheid South Africa, well: Medawar was in South Africa when J.W. Vorster was president and America currently seems to be worse. In most provinces of South Africa, the right of self-defence extends to shooting policemen invading property without a warrant, and police tend to talk to you, loudly and generally from behind a brick wall, before taking any action. Taking proper cover enables the police to communicate without shooting someone out of panic. American police seem to expose themselves to the "suspect" and confront them at gunpoint whilst establishing threat rather than communication: this escalates most situations very effectively.

When Arab policemen suspected Medawar of being a burglar (he had a door open in a factory unit and they had never seen him before) they were nervous, but they came and talked, said they were concerned about the door, and accepted Medawar's assurance that the door was open in the middle of the night to let members of their own armed forces into the factory without being too visible and alarming anyone. He would NEVER have been able to explain that one to American law enforcement without getting thoroughly drilled through the head. They would have given him no real opportunity to explain himself at the scene. The act of explaining, by itself, is to a psyched-up American policeman a challenge and a threat.

Americans have the right to bear arms, but they are MUCH more likely to be shot by police than in almost any other democratic country (Medawar's non-lethal interaction with the Arab police did not even happen in an actual democracy), and in most cases there will be no legal remedy and the officer responsible will stay out of jail and generally keep his job.

The officer charged with the murder of George Floyd reportedly did something (kneeling on the neck to restrain George for a prolonged period) that was more or less guaranteed to kill him (this would count as murder under English law without needing any proof of premeditated intent, because you can be convicted of murder if, without a reasonable excuse, you perform an action which any reasonable person would expect to cause death.) BUT IT WAS SOMETHING THAT ALL OFFICERS IN HIS DEPARTMENT HAD BEEN TRAINED TO DO. (Which will be why his colleagues did not stop him and why he may be acquitted when tried.) There is something wrong with the whole premise and philosophy of the training programme and the culture behind it. A sudden outbreak of anti-racism will not cure this, because nearly as many people will go on being killed by police on some non-racist trigger.

Monday, 9 July 2018

Repeating Grenfell All Over China: Why the BBC is missing the point about Chinese CFC11 production.

NB: this image shows the Grenfell Tower as it was, burning in effective isolation by the standards of modern Chinese cities, where such towers are built in dense packs. See below.


This is a link to a BBC article about continuing illegal production of CFC11 refrigerant and "foam blowing" gas in China and the implications of this for the infamous hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica. For anyone concerned about this issue, and really everybody should be, this is quite worrying enough. But there's another problem inherent to article, which no-one at the BBC seems able to see:

The usage of the CFC11s, illegally produced and used on a huge scale in China, as the report uncovers, is pretty well entirely to "blow" (that is, expand into a foam) polyurethane plastic used as insulation. Investigations after the Grenfell fire in London and the two fires at the "Torch" building in Dubai, have identified insulating cladding and internal panels incorporating plastic foam as just about the worst fire risk possible, and of all the plastics to use, polyurethane is the worst of the worst, because not only does it burn vigorously and persistently, the choking black smoke that it evolves when burning contains significant amounts of hydrogen cyanide gas, which, when inhaled, stops a person's blood from transporting oxygen around the body, which is a very efficient way of causing death.

The implication of so much CFC11s being used by the Chinese construction industry that the natural healing of the ozone hole has all but stopped, despite a worldwide ban on CFCs, is that nearly every residential property built in China's enormous residential property boom, incorporates highly flammable and grossly toxic CFC11-blown polyurethane foam. Grenfell-like tower blocks are being built, not by ones or twos, or even by the dozen, but with literally scores of identical towers being built next to each other in high-density developments, duplicated on hundreds of sites across the country. The risk is not just of a fire spreading rapidly up and down a tower block, but of it spreading from tower to tower across a forest of densely-packed towers in a metropolitan area.

The last time any Western City matched the level of fire-risk inherent in this, was when practically the whole of London was burnt to the ground in September 1666. The saving grace in China is, bizarrely, that hardly any of the millions of homes represented by these tower blocks and other mass-built buildings, appear to be currently occupied. But that being so, there are so many foam-insulated buildings being built, stacked up next to each other, that there's a real possibility of a multi-building conflagration big enough to produce sufficient toxic smoke to poison the whole of one of the megacities which China's Communist Government wants to build, with up to a hundred million citizens in each. 

This isn't going to be like the existing Chinese pollution problems, where everybody coughs a lot and has to wear filter masks. There will be copious cyanide in the smoke and people will die together in extreme numbers. Outside the megacity, the effect of such a fire would be like a nuclear winter without the nuclear war. The massive use of polyurethane foam in China is not just a Western Liberal environmental worry about the ozone layer: it's potentially very much worse than that.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

An Inconvenient Death: New Book by Miles Goslet

This is a link to a new book (available from the 5th of April onwards) about the death of Dr David Kelly and the surrounding circumstances. (Hardback price £16.99)

It is published at a very appropriate moment, when Great Britain is learning afresh that we need the scientists and technicians of Porton Down far more than we need messianic pathological liars. 

The Kindle edition of the book may be ordered here. (Kindle Price £7.19)

Long before he was embroiled in controversy over Iraq, Dr Kelly was quietly exposing efforts by the Soviet state and post-Soviet Russian Federation to cheat on chemical and biological weapons limitation treaties (especially over the weaponisation of Smallpox), and that's never been more pertinent than it is today. It will be interesting to see whether the new book touches on this.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Gaslighting Article

This is a link to a feature article on the BBC website, which describes the stalking tactic of "gaslighting" from the stalker's point of view. It's not the complete story: the BBC isn't interested in the concept that whole groups of people get together to do this kind of thing, but it's a useful introduction to what is done, and it's proof positive that this kind of thing really happens and is not just in the minds of the victims.

Monday, 18 December 2017

Kill Books and Organised Stalking: a Spin-Off from the Bundy Case

This article is not about the Bundy case itself: it is about something else, not unrelated, of course, which is pointed up by some of the evidence which has emerged from independent investigations of the Bundy case. There are other respected bloggers who have specialised on this subject and Medawar doesn't intend to duplicate their hard work or get into pointless arguments: readers can go to them directly.

That being said, anyone remotely interested in the Bundy case should view or read the source material referred to immediately below.

This is a link to a (slightly shakey, but bear with it) YouTube video of Washington State Representative Matt Shea reading from a document of "17-18" pages, which is based on an e-mail sent by Special Agent Larry Wooten to Andrew D. Goldsmith, Associate Deputy Attorney General. 

In it, (at roughly time index 13:00 onwards) Mr Shea recounts Special Agent Wooten's claims that Former Special Agent in Charge Dan Love had  a "Kill Book": a sort of trophy, containing details of cases where Love proudly claimed to have caused three people in Utah to commit suicide.

Here is a link to Mr Shea's source material, the communication from Special Agent Wooten.  (It's a .pdf document). Medawar recommends that readers not only carefully read, but download this. (In this form the document is 16 pages, starting with page 2.) In the first paragraph on page 8 (according to the document's own numbering, page 7 as far as a .pdf reader is concerned), the "Kill Book" is mentioned.

Medawar would like readers to note that this document is not uncritical of Cliven Bundy and cannot fairly be represented as political propaganda in his cause, or an endorsement of his actions, which Special Agent Wooten believes probably broke several laws and risked an armed engagement which might well have cost innocent lives. It is implicit in Wooten's view, that Mr Bundy stubbornly acted in a way which actually completely played into the hands of SAC Dan Love and others shown by the document to be highly prejudiced, biased and unprofessional. Special Agent Wooten also implies that, given the grotesque and at times almost unbelievable bias and misconduct within the BLM's Office of Law Enforcement and Security, that had Mr Bundy recognised the Federal Government and legal system and used them properly, he would have been in a very strong position, because his opponents had mishandled and concealed evidence at every turn -and apparently continue to do so.

What actually matters most here:

The three people in Utah whom SAC Dan Love boasted of having driven to suicide, using (or misusing) his powers and position and the indulgent tolerance of his superiors for misconduct on his part. We know little about them, other than that Dan Love boasted of having caused their deaths in the course of his "work". There's no evidence for any of them being a confrontation artist who might be said to have engineered his own doom. They were US citizens, who for one reason or another came to the attention of Dan Love and the BLM, and they are dead.

It is apparent from the context that Dan Love hounded these people in precisely the way that the "targeted individual" community has long claimed that gang-stalkers or "organised stalkers" do. In doing this, from within a Federal Law Enforcement agency, Dan Love must have engaged in a conspiracy with his colleagues, both supervisors and subordinates, to deny these individuals their constitutional, civil and other rights. This is a Federal Felony: "Denial of Rights" under USC 18 Section 241. See also the single-most read article on this blog.
There should be a prompt and thorough criminal Federal investigation into Dan Love and his colleagues for at least three counts of this felony.

If one has the sense and the detachment to put the Bundy case itself to one side, for just a moment, it can be seen that Larry Wooten's document is exactly the organised stalking smoking gun that skeptics (including many active stalkers) have constantly claimed that stalking victims cannot produce. It is very, very important.

Readers who are still stalking skeptics should also read this article, and especially the update at the end giving details of two major official reports on failings on policing and prosecution of stalking cases in the UK. The reports, which are linked to, show numerous police forces and Crown Prosecutors effectively and wrongly adopting the positions and probably the arguments, too, of the skeptics, which, in Medawar's observation and experience, are largely (and generally unwittingly) informed by social media propaganda on the part of those taking part in stalking activity. That's before we even get into the issue of stalking being organised by law enforcement officers themselves, such as SAC Dan Love. 

In the UK there is a term for low to middle-ranking officials abusing their power over ordinary people: "Little Hitler Syndrome". (High-ranking officials abusing their power is now generally known as "Blairism".) What Dan Love appears to have done is take Little Hitler Syndrome to its ultimate extreme.