Sunday, 20 February 2022

Is "Gangstalking Australia" vindicated, more than twelve years later?

Gangstalking Australia is (was?) a talented mixed-race female artist and victim of very intense stalking and harassment, in Australia, who was in contact with Medawar up to 2010. Towards the end of her contact with Medawar, she was living on the road, in a van, in the Northern Territories, because her house had been made completely untenable by stalkers harassing her with both toxic chemicals and directed-energy weapons. One of the latter was definitely some kind of non-visible-wavelength laser which could scorch patterns on the net curtains and indeed the wallpaper of her house. Another energy weapon could penetrate clothing to inflict pain and cause blisters and other indications of burns. 

Toxic chemical explanations are much less favoured by conspiracy theorists, for some reason, but were definitely being used against Gangstalking Australia, and her vomiting attacks are strongly suggestive of chloropicrin, which is officially recognised as a chemical weapon under international treaties intended to ban such things. Do not believe anyone who states that chloropicrin is non-lethal! It was used in the Great War in conjunction with more toxic gases such as Cyanide, Mustard and Phosgene, because it is very fast acting (faster than most modern nerve gases in fact) and by opening a gas barrage with some chloropicrin shells, enemy soldiers could be incapacitated before they could put on their gas masks, allowing them to be killed by the more obviously-lethal gases or even masked soldiers with bayonets, because they would be completely unable to defend themselves. Chloropicrin causes absolutely convulsive vomiting within a few seconds of exposure and it is by no means impossible or even unlikely for this to cause death by asphyxia by itself.

During the same period that Gangstalking Australia was reporting these attacks via her blog, Medawar was in contact with several unconnected individuals in native North American communities who reported the same (and other) chemical attacks. Very few white American stalking victims reported chemical attacks by comparison, which may be why the "TI community" thinks it's all directed-energy stuff and to do with "satellites", but there were some white victims. Also in that period, some Sámi people (native Laplanders) reported similar abuse. Medawar suggested at the time that the objective of the harassment might be to destabilise (non-immigrant) ethnic minorities in preparation for some community-wide abuse; the native Americans thought that this was quite likely. Medawar didn't have enough contact with Sámi or native Australian victims to determine if the same might be true with them. The native American victims were journalists, community spokespeople and so on and so forth. Ideal targets for a destabilisation campaign in other words.

Directed-energy weapons which burn skin through clothing could be working either in the far infrared part of the spectrum or the adjacent millimetre-wave part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The point where these spectra meet is also where a laser becomes a maser, or possibly even just a planar-array antenna (a flat plate, in appearance). So there's a variety of forms such a weapon could take and still inflict the same kind of pain and injury in the same kind of way.

Which brings us up to the present day and reports that demonstrators in Australia have been attacked (and burned by) what look most likely to be planar-array millimetre wave antennae from the published images of suspect equipment.

It could well be that what happened to Gangstalking Australia, the Native North American and Sámi victims a decade ago was some kind of experiment to test prototype weapons on people from marginalised communities (or people against whom individual testers had some kind of a personal grudge) in readiness for the day when officialdom might need to protect itself from the general public, that is, the electorate from whom the officials obtain the right to hold office!

Thursday, 2 December 2021

Nonces With Actual Power: a new acronym for the post-Epstein age

There's a funny thing about all the witnesses to Jeffrey Epstein's life and work as a mentor of surprisingly young women entering the hospitality industry. That is, when pressed, they can bring themselves to remember Prince Andrew (a very slow-moving target with no actual power; during the Falklands War he flew a helicopter used as a decoy to protect more important targets from Exocet missiles) but they have so much trouble remembering former Israeli or British Prime Ministers enjoying Epstein's services that no-one is even pressing the issue. There's a similar memory problem with former US Presidents and, even more so, with the founder of one of the world's most powerful Tech companies. 

Medawar thinks that the world needs a new acronym for those so important and influential as to slip the memory of every potential witness and complainant that they encounter.

A NWAP, a Nonce With Actual Power also has magical powers which makes them invisible to witnesses and which erases their name from flight logs and passenger lists. Lesser politicians get mired in scandal and have their careers destroyed because of a small indiscretion such as doing paid work in their House of Commons office, but a NWAP can commit multiple felonies without their Teflon (TM) character being stained.

Tuesday, 12 October 2021

How to Cope with Organised Stalking: an open letter to Chris Packham

 It is apparent from the latest of several news items over the past few years, that the wildlife campaigner and broadcaster Chris Packham has fallen victim to what can only honestly be described as organised stalkers. This makes him an involuntary member of a club with very wide membership ranging from campaigners with views similar to his own, to those who are diametrically opposed and a rather larger number of people who have no idea at all why they are being persecuted. This post, while not comprehensive (or it would be far too long for anyone to read) sets out to offer some useful observations and tips for Mr Packham or anyone else, whatever their views on any matter, who finds themself in a similar position.

Don't be too concerned with discovering or speculating about your stalker's motives:

There are a few reasons for this advice. First and foremost, stalking and all other forms of targetted persecution are wrong, always wrong, and there is no cause, however urgent, however noble, which cannot disgrace and destroy itself by resorting to this kind of tactic. Recognising that stalking is always wrong and can never be justified is an important part of the solution, because it allows you to make common cause with those whom you might otherwise reject and bitterly oppose and it puts your persecutors on a collision course with the rest of the human race and, if you care to believe it, greater forces than that.

Secondly, Medawar once asked a psychiatrist why people were prepared to take part in stalking campaigns and the immediate and unequivocal response was "because they enjoy it." Everything Medawar has learned about stalking in the twenty years since that interview has supported that simple statement from the psychiatrist. Stalking doesn't just destroy the victim: it destroys those causes in whose name stalking is employed. Former members of the campaign group "Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty" believe they were defeated by a conspiracy between the government and "Big Pharma" but the harsh truth is that their methods, and the stalking of individuals and families in particular, turned pretty well the whole country against them and anyone who even sounded like them. There is no gain for the cause in the resort to stalking. Organised stalking, just like lone stalking, is done purely for the enjoyment of those organising it and those carrying it out. Your beliefs and your causes only really matter to them because they matter to you, allowing them to gain sadistic pleasure from frustrating your campaigns and destroying your hopes. Stalking is always about destroying hope in the end, because that's what gives a sadist the biggest thrill.

Consider, for a moment, that many victims of organised stalking have no history of activism at all; sometimes the trigger is amazingly trivial, almost always it involves the victim doing something he or she had a perfect right to do. Your beliefs, and the apparent beliefs of your persecutors, are usually not the real reason it is happening. There is nothing to be gained from compromising your beliefs, "toning them down" or doing anything other than regularly checking that you are happy in your own heart and mind with what you are doing. Artists are stalked, not usually to suppress any political message in their work, but because destroying their creativity gives the stalkers the thrill of cutting off a butterfly's wings, magnified a thousand times. The only satisfactory solution to stalking is to expose the stalkers and stop the stalking. Scuttling for cover is not only cowardly, but utterly futile.

And this brings us to an important observation based on more than two decades experience of these matters:

Lies Are A Stalker's Most Powerful Weapon (and thereby the most addictive)

Sometimes, lies are all a stalking campaign consists of, but more often they are used to complement and enable all the threats, vandalism, cruelty to pets and recreational arson which constitute the more obvious threat. Stalkers will spread lies about the victim, often before they notice anything amiss, to distance and then slowly isolate them from friends, neighbours and even family members. Those lies will also lie there waiting for a police investigation to start, which will always involve discreet inquiries amongst the victim's friends, neighbours and relatives -and the planted lies will be designed to cancel or fatally misdirect the police investigation in pretty short order. This is the major reason why victims frequently end up believing that the police are complicit in their stalking: the stalkers have carefully laid "evidence" for the police to unearth, perhaps long before the stalking appeared to start and the first complaint to the police is filed.

But because lies are so powerful and effective, stalkers come to depend on them and that can create a contradiction which suddenly collapses the house of cards. 

Note to policemen reading this: if everyone around the victim believes something that he doesn't think is true, try tracing that belief back to its source. Lots of people believing the same (bizarre and/or defamatory?) thing is actually unnatural: threat this phenomena with due suspicion.

The stalkers will lie to the victim, in that almost every bit of physical evidence they leave behind for them to find will be misleading in some way. Look for a pattern behind the pattern: "What are they trying to make me think? Is it something designed to drive a wedge between me and the police, or somebody else that I depend on?"

The stalkers will lie to campaigners and activists who might oppose the victim, in order to get them to help with the stalking. Perhaps without them ever realising how much has been happening and just how harmful it is.

Stalking is unrequited murder

Anything that speaks of a high, noble or political agenda behind the stalking is also a lie: noble aims do not need to be pursued by methods such as this. They are doing it because slowly destroying someone by stalking gives them a thrill akin to murder without the legal risks. There is a great danger for the whole of society in the police treating stalking and harassment as a trivial issue, not worthy of their precious resources, because the perception of risk is the only thing which separates the stalker from the murderer and current, dismissive, police attitudes are steadily eroding that risk.

Try and count your persecutors (at least approximately) before you spend undue effort identifying them

You should keep a log of everything that happens throughout the staking and harassment in any case: the police advise this, even if they are disposed to ignore the results if it suits them. But enhance the data by always suffixing an estimate of the minimum number of persons required to do it. Also always suffix how far away you were from home when it happened.

Over time, those two metrics can be a very useful tool for identifying your persecutors and may one day give you peace of mind, if the right number of stalkers are brought to justice or at least exposed. 

A small number of stalkers operating mostly in your local area may imply that it's a couple of mates (or brothers) and that all their communication with each other is face to face or by direct phone call, so they don't need social media for any purpose except adding to the pressure on you. 

A large number, operating almost everywhere you go, implies a group or network with some form of shared communication which the authorities might be able to penetrate.

And so on. Those two metrics will make your harassment log or diary more useful to the authorities, always assuming that they see the need to take genuine action. Which is constantly being demanded by successive Home Secretaries and ignored by successive Chief Police Officers.

Friday, 13 August 2021

It's Official: Mass Killer Jake Davison Was Not a Terrorist

Image from facebook via BBC

 Almost the first fact which emerged about the Plymouth mass killer, Jake Davison, was that he frequented "Incel" websites and was influenced by their ideology, which amounts to the promotion of armed struggle against the petty injustices of normal life. The first thing the government said about the incident was that it was "not terrorist-related."

 This reminds Medawar, strongly, of the linguistic gymnastics employed by ministers of previous governments, senior police officers and the BBC to ensure that nobody ever described SHAC and other ALF-offshoots as "terrorists" even as firebombs were planted, graves robbed both in the UK and in Switzerland and organised attempts were made to use the threat and exercise of violence and arson to alter public policy. 

These days, even the IRA cannot be described as "terrorists" and to be labelled a terrorist a killer has to have frequented either Islamist websites or neo-nazi ones. Even there, Danyal Hussein is another "not terrorist" killer even though he frequented many of the same satanic and neo nazi websites as offenders who have been convicted as terrorists. 

In the case of the Incels, the omission is startling because readers of Incel webites and other material kill really quite often, especially on a global scale, and Medawar would be inclined to bet that far fewer people are seeking out and reading this material than is the case with Islamist propaganda. Proportionately more "Incelists" may be turning to murder than Islamists!

There are two reasons why people in powerful positions might want to classify a habitually violent campaign group as definitely not terrorists. 

Reason number one is obvious, and obviously corrupt: ministers and officials are aware of wealthy and influential people who support the goals and objectives, if not (openly) the methods, of groups, such as the animal rights offshoot SHAC, which any normal person would see as terroristic. This kind of bias applies beyond terrorism to organised groups promoting other forms of illegality, such as the Paedophile Information Exchange, which once benefited from a publicly-funded grant to promote the acceptance and practice of child sexual abuse. Jimmy Saville had many highly-placed friends and so might have another prolific and weirdly unprosecuted child-molester, Thomas Hamilton. (The grant money was used by PIE to research the abusive habits of its own supporters, so that the organisation would know how best to cater for their needs. They even published the results, because the study was publicly-funded and at that time nobody in authority saw anything wrong with what was going on.)

Reason number two is more insidious: officials intend to use media and public outrage at Incelist atrocities to justify oppressive measures directed against the general population. For that purpose, officials must pretend that the authors of the atrocities are inseparable from the general population and therefore they and Parliament are powerless to take action against the would-be culprits in any selective way! 

People who assume that this will only affect holders of firearms certificates may be in for a rude shock when they find themselves being asked to prove not only their identity but their state of mind when buying long-distance train tickets or gaining access to football stadiums. Thanks to the willingness of certain American Tech Companies to work hand in hand with the Chinese Communist Party to develop artificial intelligence applications for "public security" purposes, the technological tools now exist for a much more durable and intrusive elimination of personal freedom than that which caused so much outrage during the (temporary) pandemic lockdowns. There are people in Whitehall for whom the mere existence of such tools is a good enough reason to find excuses to employ them.

Friday, 18 June 2021

"Peeky-Lou" and how Forensic Psychologists can be Manipulated and Fooled Outright.

 This is a link to a blogpost which raises the question of how well psychological "offender profiling" works when a killer has (or uses) multiple fantasy personas and kills different victims as different personas.

Medawar knows who the blog author means and has experience of him blitzing blogs and forums with multiple comments as different people. His real self has useful political connections and these, and the multiplicity of personas that he uses, are very good at putting investigators off the scent. So there is an element of cold calculation behind the multiple personas and it's not exactly the same sort of mental disorder that it looks like at first: it's a deeply psychopathic but highly-educated mind using disorders that he has studied during his medical training and practice to advance a hobby of tormenting and periodically killing people.

The mind in question failed his psychiatric screening tests at medical school, but was allowed to sit them a second time, where he passed with flying colours with the benefit of appropriate study and paid-for coaching by former law enforcement officers with appropriate training. This is another way in which forensic psychologists can be duped: by offenders prepared to sit up late with the texts used to train forensic psychologists and, indeed, retired forensic psychologists with financial needs.

Tuesday, 18 May 2021

"Havana Syndrome" and Covert Reading of RFID secure access passes

For five years now, the US Government has been trying to understand why diplomats, soldiers and indeed White House officials suddenly fall sick in particular locations. There has been speculation that the illness is the accidental effect of some kind of device intended to harvest data from cellphones or other mobile devices. However, those devices are all powered by batteries and do not need to be strongly energised by RF radiation (a plausible cause of the ill-effects) in order for data to be harvested.

RFID cards and tags, however, do need to be energised by an RF signal in order for them to be read, and if the intent is to read them at a significant distance, they need to be strongly energised.

In the past five years, "contactless" bank cards have become universal and these are RFID devices, and as far as Medawar knows, everyone of the suspected victims has a job requiring them to have an RFID pass of some kind to activate the security measures (which may also include biometrics once the process is triggered by the RFID device) which get them in and out of their place of work. Indeed, the two White House officials in recent reports were both in the process of gaining access to the White House site when they were struck down with a mystery illness.

One has to ask whether or not the SVR (to pick a suspect not at all at random) has an interest in either gaining access to America's most secure sites and diplomatic premises or identifying and tracking those who enjoy such access? Some entities would not want to seriously harm people just to read their data, but Russian state entities have a history of not caring tuppence about hurting or even killing people in the course of their daily activities.

When RFID access cards were first marketed in the eighties, the marketing suggested that they could work at fifty metres: this had a negative effect on user confidence so the advertised range was dialed down, and dialed down further once contactless RFID devices started to replace money and people made accidental payments for other people's bills. But all RFID devices can be read at a significant distance if strongly energised, via a directional aerial and the answering signal also read through a good directional aerial with a high-quality RF receiver attached.

Reading RFID devices is a prerequisite of cloning them!

Saturday, 15 May 2021

Let the Girls Speak

Readers interested in serial killers and the issue of whether some members of a community might even protect and assist one, may also be interested in this blog article by "Victims of Organized Crime In Central Texas".

Thursday, 25 March 2021

How to Contact Medawar


This procedure is only for things which are too important or too dangerous for the normal comments section. If you just want to vent, leave a normal comment.


Firstly, if you don't already have a free account, create one.

Make sure you keep a note (just for yourself) of the address, log-in details etc!

Enable the advanced logging option, so that will log the IP of anyone accessing your account. Other security settings are up to you, of course: do not use any which you cannot cope with, though. ( offers security options which only really work for highly-computer-literate people.) Check the log fairly regularly. If there's an IP which isn't yours, make a note of it and change your password.

Secondly, post a comment here on Medawar's Cornflakes, preferably starting with the words "secure communication, do not publish" and containing your new email address. You should receive (may take a day or two and bear in mind that there might be a time-zone difference) a message from Medawar's account (it's at its most secure when communicating between two accounts on the same platform) establishing communications. Once this has been done and messages have been exchanged, Medawar will delete your comment without it ever being published and without anyone without access to Medawar's accounts being able to see it. If you post a comment whilst logged in to Gmail, it can't be seen from that account unless Medawar publishes it, so this can get you out of a hole where someone snoops on your Gmail or whatever.

Thirdly, send any suspect IPs that access your Protonmail account to Medawar, preferably with a note of when (say what time zone the time is in!) and how much damage may have been done. Be careful about sending screenshots, because they might contain information that is private to you.

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

A Fresh look At The Death of Gareth Williams?

Following news that the Metropolitan Police Service is vaguely considering whether or not to follow up fresh forensic evidence in the Gareth Williams case, Medawar has considered whether to edit and update his nine-year old post "Money, Global Power and Gareth Williams". However, there's nothing about that post which has been proved wrong (because official inquiries have never even strayed in the general direction of Medawar's suspicions) or which is out of date, really, except perhaps the life/death status of some of the senior former MPS, Shin Bet and Mossad officers discussed in Medawar's original posts.

So here is a link to it!

And the links within the original post, are working as of 24/2/2021.

This post is less important, but worth a quick look too.

The following was added to the post @5:30AM on 25/2/2021:

Another of the tricks behind cover-ups and non-investigations, is to present the matter as a choice between two (or more) opposing theories, neither of which is true. In this case, Hamish Campbell, the former SIO in both the Gareth Williams and the Jill Dando cases, suggests that Gareth's death "was linked to his private life and not his work" with the implication being that it was all down to incredibly perverse sexual practices (which is another ploy for non-investigation.)

However, Gareth's "private life" largely consisted of more work, and this was true even before he joined the intelligence services. In the period 1996-2000 he was mainly gaming and hacking (in a competitive sort of way against other hackers), and this could actually have supplied him with information which made him more of a threat to powerful figures, "skilled in the black arts" than his later official work for the intelligence services would have done, because the latter was always subject to discipline and control from his superiors aimed at keeping him and the service out of danger.

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

How Can Organised Stalkers Afford to Do It?

The simple answer to a question which has perplexed victims and investigators of organised stalking for years is easily answered by the video below:

They can afford to stalk because they use someone else's money, and if you own shares in a big dotcom company, that money could well be yours!

The video also leaves those psychiatrists and policemen who argue that organised stalking never actually happens and that all the victims are deluded, with no place to hide except behind their own wall of baseless denial. 

However, the conspiracy theorists who claim that the involvement of big corporations in organised stalking is proof of a massive super-conspiracy may also be missing the point: 

There was a conspiracy in this case, between a fairly high-ranking executive who instigated it all because he felt the victims had affronted him personally by criticising E-bay, and other employees who appear to have enjoyed being ordered to persecute the victims, but who probably had no easy choice but to comply with the executive in any case. The stalking was not company policy and it definitely was not in the interests of the company or the shareholders, who may yet lose substantial monies from this. 

The explanation for this and probably most organised stalking that takes place in the world (no explanation ever covers every case!) is that the sort of sociopath who is moved to sadistically persecute and destroy innocent people for some perceived slight (which is rarely substantial), tends to seek positions of power that he can abuse. Just as paedophiles seek positions where they have control of children, such as in social services or residential education. In fact the mentalities are so similar that Medawar is confident that a fair proportion of the people directing organised stalking will also be paedophiles because that's the sort of personality that will be involved.

And because it is so important to them to occupy a position of power, they incline to extreme reactions whenever they, in that prestigious position, encounter opposition, criticism, or just unwelcome facts.

If the case in the video is what can happen when a sociopath has a position in an organisation with as little involvement in covert operations as E-Bay (it wasn't even the notorious Facebook or YouTube!) what do readers suppose might happen if the same sort of sociopath has a senior position in the police, or the FBI, or the CIA, or even your local hospital? Do the senior positions at the local Masonic Lodge actually go to the most upright and trustworthy men, which is what is supposed to happen, or to those driven to attain such positions by their own vanity, who are the ones most likely to turn the collective resources of the Lodge against those who, wittingly or unwittingly, prick their vanity?  

The other characteristic of organised stalking very clearly seen in this case is that the immediate reaction to possible discovery was not flight or denial, but a coordinated effort to frame other people for the crime.

One afterthought is this: given the reasoning laid out above, wouldn't it make a lot of sense if the Chinese Communist Party had been colonised by all the sociopaths in China? Officials being terrified of having to tell the truth, critics being suppressed with ridiculous levels of force, an institutionalised refusal to admit any fault or error whatsoever in any circumstances! Medawar has read a novel which advances just this theory.

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Learning the Wrong Lessons from the Murder of George Floyd

With regard to the murder of George Floyd: many people are determined to learn the wrong lessons.
Recently Medawar saw an answer on Quora which suggested, probably factually, that in a single month at the beginning of this year, American police managed to kill more people than British police had killed between 1900 and 2019.
Other answers had highlighted the apparent fear which American police had of American citizens and vice versa.
There is no way that American police have been running up such a huge body-count solely by killing black Americans who do not pose an imminent threat to the police or anybody else. They have to be killing white, brown and yellow Americans who do not pose an imminent threat to the police or anybody else as well.

There is something wrong, somewhere, in either the culture or training of American law enforcement officers which biases them towards killing people to a quite incredible extent compared to other countries. Whether this is paranoia, arrogance or just a conditioned reflex arising out of training procedures, or a combination of these, is unclear. But there is something badly wrong in the way that American police and citizens are reacting to each other and it is not solely about race.
If anyone wants to make comparisons between America and Apartheid South Africa, well: Medawar was in South Africa when J.W. Vorster was president and America currently seems to be worse. In most provinces of South Africa, the right of self-defence extends to shooting policemen invading property without a warrant, and police tend to talk to you, loudly and generally from behind a brick wall, before taking any action. Taking proper cover enables the police to communicate without shooting someone out of panic. American police seem to expose themselves to the "suspect" and confront them at gunpoint whilst establishing threat rather than communication: this escalates most situations very effectively.

When Arab policemen suspected Medawar of being a burglar (he had a door open in a factory unit and they had never seen him before) they were nervous, but they came and talked, said they were concerned about the door, and accepted Medawar's assurance that the door was open in the middle of the night to let members of their own armed forces into the factory without being too visible and alarming anyone. He would NEVER have been able to explain that one to American law enforcement without getting thoroughly drilled through the head. They would have given him no real opportunity to explain himself at the scene. The act of explaining, by itself, is to a psyched-up American policeman a challenge and a threat.

Americans have the right to bear arms, but they are MUCH more likely to be shot by police than in almost any other democratic country (Medawar's non-lethal interaction with the Arab police did not even happen in an actual democracy), and in most cases there will be no legal remedy and the officer responsible will stay out of jail and generally keep his job.

The officer charged with the murder of George Floyd reportedly did something (kneeling on the neck to restrain George for a prolonged period) that was more or less guaranteed to kill him (this would count as murder under English law without needing any proof of premeditated intent, because you can be convicted of murder if, without a reasonable excuse, you perform an action which any reasonable person would expect to cause death.) BUT IT WAS SOMETHING THAT ALL OFFICERS IN HIS DEPARTMENT HAD BEEN TRAINED TO DO. (Which will be why his colleagues did not stop him and why he may be acquitted when tried.) There is something wrong with the whole premise and philosophy of the training programme and the culture behind it. A sudden outbreak of anti-racism will not cure this, because nearly as many people will go on being killed by police on some non-racist trigger.