Friday, 19 May 2017

Victory Over Fascism and the End of David Cameron's Sellout of Democracy

The Conservative Party, which, under Theresa May is quite likely to win the forthcoming General Election in June, has promised to repeal Section 40 of the  Crime and Courts Act, which was cravenly agreed to by David Cameron and both Labour and Liberal Leaders when they came under pressure from a pro-fascist organization "Hacked Off" which is funded by Max Mosley, son of the British Union of Fascists leader, Oswald Mosley. (NB: Max Mosley used to be a paid up BUF member in his own right, so this isn't just guilt by association.)

We will have to see if this promise is kept, but Mrs May does seem to be trying to clear up David Cameron's mess in general, much of which was a shocking betrayal of democracy.

Mrs May has also promised to stop rogue law firms using legal aid to pursue unfounded and false claims against completely innocent military personnel. Mr Cameron, like Mr Brown and Mr Blair, was perfectly happy to see soldiers hung out to dry by Marxist lawyers such as Martin Day and Phil Shiner. Bit by bit, the disgusting legacy of Mr Blair and Mr Cameron is being erased: the Uber Corruption scandal still needs to be dealt with, though, as does the major matter of Mr Blair's corruptly motivated interference in the prosecution of the Libyan murderer of WPC Yvonne Fletcher. 

It should be noted that at the time the prime suspect in this murder, Saleh Ibrahim Mabrouk, was being told that he wasn't actually a suspect, Mr Blair was busy doing deals with Libya's Colonel Gadaffi. Mr Blair's relationship with Colonel Gadaffi continued after Mr Blair had resigned as Prime Minister in order to set up a lucrative PR consultancy serving some of the world's vilest dictators. WPC Fletcher was denied justice purely in order for Mr Blair to make a personal profit through his consultancy.

Further to the above paragraph, this is a link to a report on Saleh Ibrahim Mabrouk's comfortable and unaccountably prosperous life in Reading, Berkshire, despite charges by the current government of Libya that he took two hundred million dollars out of Libya to support Gadaffi regime members shortly before the regime fell. If he was effectively the regime's accountant, which seems to be the case, that would explain why Mr Blair was so keen to grant him immunity from prosecution.

Update: 22/5/2017  Actor, convicted sex-offender, anti-free-press campaigner and unwitting BUF frontman, Hugh Grant, was so incensed by the government's decision to repeal section 40, that he had a breakdown on live TV and started to incoherently shout insults about Theresa May. In between the childish tantrums, his grievance seems to be that former Prime Minister, Mr Cameron promised him and other BUF puppets in "Hacked Off" that he would indeed abolish the freedom of the press at their request.  Mr Cameron did a lot of that sort of thing: this is why he is no longer Prime Minister or Conservative Party leader.

Since Mr Cameron's sellout to Mr Grant and Hacked Off, it has emerged that Mr Cameron had previously spoken with the publisher of the Daily Mail and demanded the sacking of the editor, Paul Dacre, for failing to support Mr Cameron's absurd and nationally-demeaning "renegotiation" of Britain's membership of the EU. Upon being studiously ignored, Mr Cameron vowed revenge, and letting Hacked Off have their way with the press was supposed to be it. The problem is, that Hacked Off's demands, directly inspired by BUF policy from the nineteen thirties,  would have led to the closure of pretty well all newspapers in the United Kingdom and not merely the Daily Mail.

Update: 23/5/2017  Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party has accepted a donation of £300,000 from Max Mosley, in return for adopting anti-freedom of speech policies directly comparable to those of the BUF from the nineteen-thirties to the nineteen-fifties.

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